• A fan-drawing/fan-character.

    This Koya is Bartido. He considers himself an artist. However, in many cases, his own body is his canvas, thus those around him often notice him in many different shades and colours than before. In some cases, others may not recognise him!

    He doesn't just recolour his fur, but may also redesign every part of his body feasible, including his head hair, his ears, his nails, and his tail. (If it is possible to style forehead hairs). His tail may be curved in one moment, tied to a bun in another or shaved for a sleeker look.

    He also use external items in his designs such as twigs, leaves, gems and all that stuff, especially if he wants a more extravagant look. He has dressed up as a Tazya occasionally, also maybe Dranans and Manans. His designs are getting more and more convincing as he practices, so that he may be able to disguise himself as other species in the future.

    He has started painting himself since a very young age, so only his parents or those who have seen him in his infancy knows what he originally looks like.

    He pays most of his attention to himself and the environment around him that may spur his creativity or give him artistic inspiration. Thus he rarely seems interested in sexual matters, even if approached by Succubi. Unless...

    He is still a nice Starmaninjian for the most part that respects viewpoints and opinions of others, so he may dress himself up in more secluded places if he feels that others may not like it. Some may even consider him a gentleman when he's not busy with himself.

    Bartido Mundo

    Bartido Mundo

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    • Ah! This is so amazing! As far as I know, the first official fan made Starmaninjian! I do love his design and his very unique nature and abiltiies that really fit with the Starmaninjian way of life while still being very unique.

      I've made a character page and section for all fan based submissions on the wiki as the whole purpose of detailing the universe and it's landscape is to allow people to make thier own Starmaninjians if they would like. I really like this a lot!

      and don't worry, the forehead hair is malleable. You can style it any way you wish. Natural Starmaninjians (created by the Ratzus) have strands of skin that form the rough shape of where the forehead hair will come from, so even if they had it all shaved off, you'd still see some reminant of it, though on a much smaller scale, but Starmaninjians can have any theoretical design they wish.

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    • Here, this may seem more fitting as that profile picture thing. Unless full body shots are the ones meant to be profile pictures.


      Hm, I suppose as Bartido's disguises get more and more extreme, he starts to delve in robotics, if only just to make his disguises more realistic.

      Apparently, the only constant thing about Bartido is his constant change. One could say he's the "cosplayer" or the "chameleon" of the area. He actually tries to emulate the character and manipulate his voice for that purpose, if he has a theme in mind. Though half the time he's just messily doodling on himself, or jumping in paint, or jumping in paint before jumping into a bush.

      Though honestly if he were given the offer to turn into an actual chameleon or gain magical shapeshifting powers, he would turn them down. Despite his habit of constantly changing it, he is actually very proud of his body, and wouldn't trade it in for anything else.

      Also, he enjoys the actual effort involved in changing his appearance, so shapeshifting powers would just be a.. meh.. it might sort of kill half the fun, he believes.

      In terms of combat, he is just as capable as the next Starmaninjian. Though.. eh.. I suppose that's an overstatement. He isn't very capable at all. Magic use is very limited too. But he is fairly good at hiding and blending into his surroundings. However, he hasn't really needed to so far. Either through dumb luck, or perhaps he simply lives in a very safe area.

      A minor do-over of Bartido's:



      He's not actually sad. It's just one of his little "art projects". A minor one, given his tendencies. However, it worked well enough for others to ask whether he's okay or if he needs a doctor, which he would respond by smiling gleefully, thanking them, giving them a compliment and running (skipping) off.


      Balmung Krackotine

      Balmung is.. eh.. well, initially he was just a product of;

      "If I went there what would I wanna look like? Dragon. Definitely a dragon. But sort of male ish. They all look like they have boobs though. Are they compulsory? I should ask if they're compulsory. Or I could.. yep, this thing here says it is. Well.. male dragon it is. Or a female one without boobs because MAGIC. Is that a thing? Is a starmaninjian NOT wanting to have boobs a thing? Eh. I'll just stick to male."

      In other words, not much character development so far. Or you could just use him. What I have on the top of my head is.. a hunter of shadows. Or other organisms made for the purpose of "training" or "combat practice". That is also an inventor.. of elemental combat usage, mostly.

      He has a very long almost serpentine tail, and large wings. His hair resemble horns more than actual hair. Actually, he really doesn't have hair-hair at all, just pointy bits like horns, and scales. His body is also pretty long to match his tail. He's a pretty serpentine-ish dragon.

      Basically, he just goes around experimenting on elemental powers using shadows or such, trying to eke out new forms or uses for it. He also watches other Starmaninjians training sometimes for ideas. Once he feels that he is armed with enough flashy moves, he would display them to other organisms, anticipating faces of wonder and amazement, and perhaps even passing on something useful to them that can improve their everyday life (new technology via elemental poof and whoof by killing).

      He is a wanderer. He travels as far as wide and as deep as he can go, and never stays in one place for too long, unless there is a specific foe that he is determined to study and understand in that spot.

      He is a performer. He likes making his moves flashy and pretty when he can, so he does use this ability to fish out some smiles, some wide eyes and some gasps from the audience. He may be quite prolific in some places, depending on the residents there and how creative he was feeling at that point.

      He will "do" anyone who shows an interest. Anyone. Doesn't matter what gender, species or whatnot, he will perform. Personally, he isn't much of a submissive character, but really, anything goes for him. Unless it involves him getting critically injured, dying or goddess forbid, tears at his beautiful wings. Some performance times can be very "busy" for him.

      He doesn't really writing very much, and would much rather show his moves than describe them, so most of the knowledge he passes on is done via display and action. Do, not tell.

      He will sometimes challenge other Starmaninjians to sparring practices, one because truthfully, he really does enjoy battle and two, it's a slightly different way to test out his abilities and findings.

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    • Ah! Yeah I just made the page to show the format. You're free to edit the page in any awya you'd like! Even adding more information, titles, etc! (I guess that's the beauty of a wikia).

      Yes, technically all females have large breasts naturally because like cows, they use the breasts to store and produce a lot of milk. Males don't have large breasts and don't have to have breasts at all (I draw pecs or muscles for males typically, Silver and Ryder are specifically she-males). It's mostly by design and nature, but if a character is meant to have a chibi enough body or even a somewhat feral, they can have smaller breasts, they just wouldn't have smaller breasts purely for the sake of having small breasts because that goes against being a Starmaninjian (due to them having large breasts for a non-sexual reason). Hehe, it's just some features that specifically make a character a Starmaninjian.

      The best way to learn to be a Starmaninjian is to watch them for sure! Many things they do would be difficult to pull off just hearing about it, but they tend to showcase the wide array of things Starmaninjians can pull off and some moves even can be directly taught if you have enough of an elemental mastery.

      Mating is free regardless of gender, relatinoship status, or anything. In fact, you actually won't get someone to be your mate if you do wiht the mentality that they will "only love you". Polyamourism is pretty much the way of life there, as Starmaninjians believe that love should never be restricted for one person. Though they often will live with one mate for the sake of convienence. The nature of the Starmaninjians is vastly different from Earth (they're more lenient because their bodies are designed to handle more things), so you can safely assume that if you wanted to try something with a Starmaninjian, they would be willing to do it without seeing it as a social taboo. (Unless it's as you said, something painful, silly, or physically impossible). They do respect general sexual orientation though, but most Starmaninjians never approach anyone they don't know (even other Starmaninjians) wtihout some kind of consent. Just to be on the safe side.

      Entertainment is so lovely! Starmaninjians will always appreciate anything they would do! and don't worry, because of the way Starmaninjians communicate, they will know exactly how others feel. They kind of have this 6th sense that reads and understands the emotion someone is feeling. It forces them to be honest, but generally prevents unnecessary conflict or embarassment. XD

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    • Just thought of another character.

      Well, it isn't entirely original, it is basically SCP049 (Plague Doctor) fitted for Starmaninja. I don't often get original ideas a ahahaha.. Though I have been thinking about it for a bit and thought it might be cool. I might draw a "converted" plague doctor eventually.. :/

      Plague doctor is a hooded individual with a Tazya shaped mask of seemingly typical male starmaninjian height (6 feet I would say) and build. Besides the mask, he wears a black robe, gloves, black pants and black boots. It is likely that none have seen what is under his attire, though even if they have, they might say that there is nothing there.

      When he touches any individual with his hand (unless goddess or otherwise incapable of death), the individual blacks out instantly. If the individual was targeted, he will take a bag filled with surgical tools out of his robe and perform some surgical operation on the body.

      He will usually try to knock anyone in the nearby vicinity out with his palm or at least drive them away, perhaps to avoid interruption. If the individual clearly shows no intention to interrupt him, he will not attempt to knock the individual out. Those who have blacked out but not operated on will wake up after 1 hour.

      The surgery lasts for about 30 minutes where he cuts the body up, injects some substances into it among other things and closes it back up. The individual dies in the sense that he/she wakes up in the nearest safe zone (like through any other death), but the body remains where the doctor performed his surgery.

      The body reanimates immediately, and wanders mindlessly until it comes across another individual, which it will attack (Manans or Starmaninjians, doesn't react to Shadows and the Plague Doctor). To be fair, it will not notice any individuals who have been knocked out or were present during its creation for 2 hours. This body has the same appearance and inherits all the abilities it had when it was alive. The body will not be able to enter safe zones. The body will disappear when killed, similar to any other starmaninjian death.

      There are a few criteria to who the doctor pursues. 1. An individual above 100 years old who has not been "cured" by the doctor before.

      2. An individual who has died before. Those who have not been "cured" before might be pursued by him if they had died once. Once the individual has been "cured", the doctor will pursue them again after they have died 5 more times. Then after 10 deaths prior the second operation. Then 25. Then 50. Then 100.

      The counter doesn't increase. No matter how many times an individual has been cured by the doctor, he will still be pursued if he dies another 100 times. (Careless individual, hahaha.)

      The doctor does not emit any sign of malice. A mind reader would find out that he truly believes that he is treating individuals of a sickness. Outside of his operations and knocking nearby individuals who may interrupt him, the doctor does not harm anyone for any reason, even if he were to be attacked.

      If he were to be seemingly blown away by a powerful elemental attack, he will simply reappear in a location away from the aggressor. If he were to be held captive, he would teleport away the moment the aggressor loses sight of him. If he were to be pursuing an individual while attacked by an aggressor, instead of simply teleporting away at the aforementioned situations, he would teleport to the target, knock him/her out, and teleport to an area out of reach of the attacker.. bringing the target with him.

      If the doctor is contained and proper surveillance has been arranged (where individuals take turns to watch over him, and he is never out of anyone's sight), he will remain docile for the most part. One would say he simply mopes around in his cage. He will however behave aggressively (rattling bars, banging on doors) if there is a target within sight, or if he was confined while he was pursuing a target. It is unlikely he will shout or swear in this state, so it would not be unusual for captors to think he is unable to speak. However, if he is captive while in pursuit of a target, he will teleport out of captivity after 30 days.

      The doctor can traverse through safe zones, but he will not be able to perform his operations there, but he can still knock individuals out with his palm (they wake up after 15 minutes instead of an hour). If there is a target in a safe zone, he may attempt to knock the target out before carrying him outside the safe zone via teleportation if out of sight, or by simply walking. As long as his palm is in contact with the individual, the individual will stay unconscious.

      If there are no targets nearby, he will move to an area with targets via door teleportation. The doctor can travel between planets, via doors. He is able to open any door, walk through it, and out into a different planet. If there are no suitable targets in a planet, he will stay docile for up to a month before moving to another planet with suitable targets, unless one shows up in the current planet. If there are no suitable targets whatsoever, the doctor will simply reside in a fixed area quietly, usually a place with plenty of medical texts.

      He may converse with another individual if he has encountered the individual regularly without the need to operate him (meaning the individual does not meet the requirements to be "cured".), especially if the individual is a healer or a medical practitioner. However, he will not converse if the individual has expressed clear disapproval of his ways. He may also try to talk to targets in a calming way if they resist his advances. Ex: "Please do not be afraid. I am here to cure you." "I am the cure. It will all be better soon, there is no need to resist." "It is of utmost importance that the plague is treated. My cure is most effective, I assure you."

      Example of dialogue for repeated targets (he has done surgery on them before and pursues them again as they have fulfilled certain conditions): "Greetings, -name-. I see you have contracted the plague yet again." "Ah, a familiar face." "You are quite unfortunate, to suffer the plague yet again."

      Though all things considered, speech is very rare.

      The doctor is mostly impervious to damage. He reacts to being physically assaulted (flinching, falling down), but does not feel pain, and will always get up again. He has the ability to teleport when out of sight of his target, mostly when the target is running from him, or tries to blow him away with a powerful elemental attack. Even if it appears that he has been destroyed completely, he will reappear almost instantly to pursue his target. (Example, a powerful fire user might blow him up, and the explosion will may be too bright to allow the user to see the point where the doctor was, meaning the user technically loses sight of him. Then the doctor may appear behind them.)

      The plague doctor's soul (if he has one) has never appeared in Soula's realm. One could guess that he is technically incapable of dying, or that he rematerialises on his own without crossing through the realm, or that he could be a "limb" of a larger unknown entity (like how shadows are actually of one mind and controlled by one individual).

      (The bag is of unknown origin, those who can see through clothes or something will note that there never was a bag inside)

      This is what his voice sounds like (the robotic like echoing one)

      So what do you think? It pushes some Starmaninjian rules, maybe, do let me know if something is unacceptable >,<

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    • Sounds really intense actually! I do like the idea and have a few characters that do similar things (like Queen Mycelia, who is a parasitic anthropomorphic fungus who has mutated a Dranan egg to make her look like a Wyvranan).

      The only real catch that's "impossible" actually is the fact that the body remains possessed, as when a Starmaninjian dies, Soula recreates a whole new body for them. Though it is possible for him to do any of the other stuff, he would probably be on the level of a Generic Shadow or a poison type like Voltra.

      There's also the fact that Starmaninjian bodies can't really be "surgically altered" in the conventional way. Since their bodies can't be torn apart through force (their skin is way too interlocked, even the sharpest knives would hardly leave a mark, which is why they can use swords and guns against each other and not die). However, they CAN detach parts of thier bodies in extreme cases, the body part will just grow back shortly after cause they're very malleable. He could still use magic to do the things in his description though.

      All in all, he sounds like he'd make an AMAZING Antagonist character of some kind. The Intruders were created as an extreme form of antragonist, but the things the Generic Shadows can do are still pretty gruesome as well.  I do look forward to seeing him, and I do like your ideas so far! Pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Starmaninja is really helpful as it allows me to figure out what exactly IS possible and what otherwise pushes the limit.

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    • Sketch done; I guess the only difference between this and the original is the eye holes on the mask. Though I guess it is more of a darkened semi transparent portion of the mask.


      Basically, the idea was that he was some sort of "death penalty" character, or rather, "penalty for death" LOL. Too careless with yourself and he comes for you sort of thing. Though in the targeted individual's case, it's probably just another death yet again, unless he decides to travel back to where he died and meets his "clone" nearby.

      Hm, no surgery, huh. There must be some way for one entity to physically alter another starmaninjian's body. Since bodies can't stay possessed (if you mean it in a way that a dead body can't be preserved, even if a new identical body is made for the dead starmaninjian), perhaps he simply clones them and all or at least most of their properties and capabilities, not including the personality of the original since it will pretty much be a zombie.

      I suppose being a generic shadow is the closest bet for him, if I want to go for the "mysteriously shows up where he wants to" and "isn't dead when he should be" route. Could be a pretty powerful poison type too, with his instant k.o. touch. Though I suppose the doctor sees himself as a very special healer type, where he is the only one of that particular category. In the generic shadow case, perhaps the clone he creates from "curing" an individual can be identical to the original as long as it's within Skullmanjo Dlareg's capabilities.

      Though the thing is he doesn't really seem like a "hive mind" sort of character, considering he can traverse in non shadow areas as well and the fact that he might at rare cases converse with other Starmaninjians without trying to "cure" them. But then again, this is all just based on an assumption that generic shadows are just "mindless drones of a greater entity". Which is sort of dumb. Shadows can come in creative ways too, I suppose?

      Though maybe there is another powerful deity for a "realm of curiosities" that may be in charge? Blegh, I have not developed that one yet though, so we can stick with generic shadow. By the way, what ARE the intruders?

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    • Yeah, making a Zombified clone of a Starmaninjian is perfectly possible. Skull has done it a few times as a way to test a Starmaninjian against themselves

      The Generic Shadows aren't really "Hive minded" in that they're "Mindless" as much as they're mentally connected. THey all have thier own personalities, especially the Elites (like Ghoost, and Tornamental, both of which I haven't drawn yet, but are among the higher ranked Generic Shadows). They are just able to connect with each other so they know what the others are doing at the moment and so on.

      Oh, but I mean he could be "Like" a Generic Shadow. There are several entities who have created thier own "Generic Shadow" version, like Queen Mycelia made a ton of evil fungal looking plants called the "Fungleafs" who kind of work the same way for Planet Botanorest. and Some beings are just somewhat evil in nature (within what's allowed by the Goddesses, they have the final say in what passes), but there's plenty of room for villains, even if they're not explicitly evil.

      This is where I get to what the Intruders are. In response to Intrusion (the scientist guy who shot Siberia), almost committing suicide, and Father Kao's worry that the Starmaninjians wouln't be powerful enough. THe Intruders were created taking the worst of human qualities and formed an army to prove that the Starmaninjians could easily overcome that of which destroyed them on Earth. The Intruders are basically these zombified looking humans (they look normal, but have gray skin and jet black hollow eyes and all wear these Nazi like uniforms). They are very military minded and do everything in their power for conquest and to destroy the Starmaninjians. The Starmaninjians constantly overpower them, but Intrusion is met with the moral conflict of being seen as the "leader" of the Intruders, and often has to decide if he's going to let the Intruders destroy the Starmaninjians or not. Initially, he does so, but after they destroy his airship and refuse to kill him, he starts to second guess himself and starts to ask himself deep questions about stuff like "Is this the way other beings see humans?" He knows he's in a different world and starts to really fear for the mistakes he made in the past (especially when he comes face to face with Soula, the pregnant mouse he killed in a lab because he thought mice were disposable).

      Even after Intrusion leaves, the Intruders remain because the goddesses agree that they make for a great "Major threat" that really tests the Starmaninjains and make for a really fascinating story, but like the Generic Shadows, the Intruders never can "win" because the universe is designed where thier ideals will force them to lose even if they do "win". They don't realize it though because by nature, they're very arrogant, but it's a metaphor to the fact that the Human race will do anything in it's endless greed to take over or destry the world, even if it would cause more harm than good in the long run, but they can never defeat Nature because if they die, their "game is over", so to speak, whcih many people seem to forget.

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    • What sort of evil being is too evil for the goddesses?

      Addition to the doctor: His mood does get better as the number of qualified targets decrease, subtle as it is, considering he is quite silent and rarely does much besides pursue targets.

      When the number of targets are at a relatively low extreme (ex: at first there were a thousand targets now there are just five left), one may notice a skip in his step, a subtle jolly humming, he is more likely to just stop and appreciate the scenery and the chances of striking a conversation with him is higher.

      If there are no targets left on the planet, he may even note that "it is a pleasant day" at the rare moments a conversation comes up and is generally more optimistic. However, he will revert back to his previous state after a while, maybe because more targets have appeared or the time has come to shift planets.

      At the latter situation, a possible dialogue would be something like: "The pestilence haunts -planet-. They need me."

      In terms of "combat", his specialty his stealth, so for the most part individuals would not notice him until its too late, unless they're exceptionally perceptive.

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    • Well, the upper limit to evil is where a person does something that is purely negative and has no positive connotation in any point of view.

      For example: A person being unnecessarily rude or in any way just negative to other people. E.g. insulting people's art or creations, insulting thier looks, etc.

      A person who is simply out of control to the point of being destructive; a threat to everyone and everything around them with zero consideration for the consequences of their actions (e.g. a maniac who just runs around wildly firing bullets everywehre, or placing bombs everywhere just to blow stuff up, or won't stop screaming despite not having a reason to scream).

      A person who is immature to the point of being a completely unbearable nuicance to everyone they come across, particularly if they're doing it on purpose JUST to annoy people.

      Ultimately, anyone who's just a generally unpleasant person will be banished from the Universe. The guidelines are drawn by the Starmaninjians and the Goddesses, so it's hard to pin point examples, but the best way to avoid getting in trouble is to just make sure you stay respectful and use common sense for what's okay and what's not. Study the way they act, etc and follow thier example. As long as they personally don't mind the action (as they can deal with it), the action can be excused, but someone who is just negative and has no positive worth to them is simply not allowed in the universe. It's kind of the reason why Humans are banned in general unless they prove they're not like those who only live to cause destruction and live selfish, greedy, or ignorant lives.

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    • Okay, I will say early on that all of this is entirely or at least partially based on entries in the scp website, which I will mention. So.. it's not original. Maybe one could say jets like blatant advertising. But I thought it might fit, even if it's only as a slight inspiration that you can make something new off of.

      How about this. A travelling shop of curiosities, of sorts. It's like it's own universe, but not really in the sense that it appears randomly in existing starmaninjian planets. Possible, since it mostly consists of (strange) items or entities.

      It will be managed by its own deity, which is responsible for the creation and management of the items in its universe, along with anything related to items in its own universe goes. This includes foreign Starmaninjians or objects that happen to be using one of its objects, depending on the object's properties. It will have little power to interfere with anything unrelated to it's universe. I may draw this one.. eventually.

      It isn't really a shop in the concrete sense that everything is collected in one space or one building like an actual shop, just that they're made from common origins. And that most of them roughly appear in the same area at a time, just not all conveniently bunched together, unless it is a wide open field of some sort. For example, in the city, one item may appear at one end of the city, while a different item may appear in a completely different area of the same city.

      Each item will have some instruction paper or notice nearby to give interested individuals a rough idea of what they're interacting with, even if the instructions have to be conveyed telepathically. Descriptions will be included in each entry below. The descriptions will not always convey every little detail, mostly just enough to get the idea across.

      If an individual doesn't want the item anymore in a genuine manner (item causes too much trouble for him or her), the deity in charge will take it away from him or her, and return the item to its dormant state. The item will then join other unused items in their "travelling shop" state.

      Well, I'll start with two for now;

      1. SCP0019 - Monster Pot. Description: A portable pot that spawns enemies to practice against.

      It's a pot. It won't do anything if not activated, but if an individual approaches with the intent to use it (after receiving instructions), it will consistently spawn monsters.

      The monster are tiny, skinny creatures of about 3 feet in height. They will always be hostile to anything around them, and will attempt to kill and eat said entities. They don't live very long, and each monster if left alone will die after 24 hours, even if it has eaten something. Technically, they don't even have a digestive system.

      Their strength will be about 60-80% the battle capabilities of the user. They don't use magic, they are exclusively physical types. They do adapt to their environment though. For example, if they are spawned in mid air, they will be able to fly.

      At 0 degrees Celsius, the pot spawns monsters at a rate of one per hour. The rate increases as the temperature decreases or increases accordingly. The pot will spawn a lot of monsters if touched or moved around. If the pot is attacked, or an attempt is made to destroy it, monsters will flood out of it to attack the attacker, or simply in defence if the attacker is unreachable.

      If the pot is turned upside down or knocked to its side, monsters will "spill out" of the jar as if they were water or something.

      2. SCP 0021 - Dragon Tattoo Description: A 2D dragon that lives on your skin. It will move around and play like a real living thing, but watch out, as it might eat other tattoos, or even the color of your fur/scales! It's a painful pet to rear though. It will hurt you just by moving around. Though it will make you tougher against other types of pain. It can only move throughout your skin, but if you want to keep him with you, be careful when touching other individuals as it might move to a new home; them!

      Individuals will probably know of this through a wandering individual who will sort of talk about the dragon, if nobody else in the planet already has one. If the individual shows interest, the dragon will appear on their skin.

      The tattoo can either be of a serpentine dragon, a western one with four limbs and wings, or a wyvern, which has wings and two back legs. It's size may vary according to the individual's desire, though it cannot be too large to move around the individual with ease. Even tattoo living things have standards.

      When the tattoo is moving around, the pain the owners feel will match the threshold they are willing to take. This may be a mild itch, or even the sensation of knives cutting at the individual's skin or being burnt with a powerful acid.

      The dragon feeds on other tattoos and fur/scale/skin pigments, though it prefers tattoos and will go for those first. When it eats tattoos, it will look as if a part of the tattoo is "bitten away" until it's completely devoured. When eating the tattoo, the original skin/fur color of the individual will remain where the tattoo used to be.

      When feeding on skin pigments, the dragon will appear to bite on the users skin or fur or whatever, and swallow it. That parts the dragon eats will turn white. The dragon doesn't actually eat the skin, just it's pigments/color, so it doesn't hurt that way and there's no actual damage to the skin, tough as it is.

      The dragon will eat as much as an animal of its size is expected to eat. It doesn't grow, and it doesn't defecate. If starmaninjian's entire body has been already turned white, the dragon will continue feeding on the individual's white skin, turning it into another color. And so on.

      The dragon will react to outside stimuli. If it's owner or another individual screams or glares angrily at it, it will either retreat to a less visible body part or growl back at them. If the owner is cold, the dragon will appear to shiver and may curl up to keep itself warm.

      It reacts happily when the owner "feeds" it, usually by adding a tattoo to his or her skin. It reacts differently to tattoos that are made differently. Sloppy tattoos with a pen or some sort is quite unappetising. The better the tattoo and the more "permanent" it is, the tastier it is to the dragon.

      A side effect of having the dragon is that the individual will be more insensitive or tolerant to pain. Yeah, Starmaninjians already have high defences for the most part, the tattoo just adds more to it. It also increases the individual's stamina. Basically they don't get tired so quickly. These positive effects are proportionate to the amount of pain the individual is willing to take from the dragon's normal movements, and how well the individual has "raised" the dragon.

      The dragon's positive effects increase by training in the sense that if you "feed" it good tattoos often and generally be a good master/companion to it, you'll reap more benefits. Of course, being a jerk to it won't increase the positive side effects it provides.

      If the dragon dislikes you, it has a higher chance of moving to another individual upon physical contact. It will only move to individuals who are willing to take it, though. Most Starmaninjians will probably be aware of the dragon and it's properties as soon as they see the owner, through telepathy. It's sort of just.. automatic.

      If the dragon has been fed enough good tattoos and has a very close bond with its owner, it might even make the owner's skin have certain properties. For example, it can make the owner's skin shock enemies on contact, or poison them, or even have a different texture (bare skin can feel furry or scaly or even prickly), or maybe even make the skin heal others on contact.

      The extent of these skin properties depends on how close it is with the owner and how much it is fed tattoos. At first, it will only be able to emit one property of the owner's choice, but it will eventually be able to emit more as it is fed more and grows closer to the owner.

      Diminishing returns apply though, similar to mastering elements. Being able to emit a second property will take a lot more food and effort compared to when it learns it's first and so on.

      The dragon will in some ways reset when it moves to a different individual. It will remember it's time with its previous owner, if any, and might show signs of PTSD if treated badly. However, any skin effects it has (poison/shock on contact) will not be there on the new owner. The amount of pain the owner will also be readjusted according to the individual.

      However, if the dragon is taken away by the deity of its respective universe (if the owner truly wishes it gone and cannot transfer it to anyone else) it will not remember anything before the time it reaches it's new owner.

      One dragon is designated per planet. This limit can be broken though if the owner of a dragon moves to another planet that already has an individual with a dragon. Thus, one planet can have two dragons in this way. And the original planet will have none, in which a new dragon will be made available. Therefore, it is possible for a planet to have multiple dragons.

      If the owner dies, the dragon may or may not remain on the owner's skin when the owner is revived, depending on how well it's taken care of. If it's close enough to be able to emit two or three different types of properties on the owners skin, it will definitely remain on the owner when he or she is revived. In this case, it will retain all it's abilities and properties.

      In the event that the dragon doesn't reappear in the owner's skin upon revival, it will be made available on a suitable planet. It will have no recollection of its previous life or it's owners.

      Let's say the dragon is well treated enough to emit a skin property, like poison on contact. If it is mistreated after this point, it will lose it's ability to emit that property after a certain threshold.

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    • Hehe! Well I've never really been fond of the whole SCP stuff (mostly cause I don't know much about it and Creepy pasta really never interested me much because it seems to focus too much on being negative for the sake of being negative, whereas the Starmaninjian universe is a positive universe that's mostly stress free).

      BUT that being said, the ideas that you've come up with here are a great first step. See, the Starmaninjian universe didn't come from me thinking too hard about it, but actually a collaboration of all sorts of inspirations I got from the past all put in one. As it developed, ti started to really become it's own thing and I could put my own likes and dislikes in there without it having to follow any pre-made rules.

      It'd take a bit of time to explain every aspect of the universe, what's allowed and what's not. But in the mean time, discussing these ideas is a great way to keep the creative process flowing for sure.

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    • Ahaha, alright then. Well, this next one's pretty much more stuff about the previous two entities I've typed down before. Thought of more stuff overnight.

      Edit: Smack that, this entry's exclusively about the pot. I typed too much and now I'm just tired LOL. Feel free to share what you think of it, and how it may affect the starmaninjian universe, given it's nature.

      Monster Pot I did mention once that the overseer of this particular universe would remove the pot if the individual doesn't want it in a genuine manner, what with the environmental impact the pot may potentially pose, it may not be so easy. For example, if the individual truly didn't want anything to do with the pot, he may simply run far far away from it, or throw it in a place the monsters will never reach him or her.

      As long as the individual related to the pot has the means and/or capability to dispose of the pot, the deity would usually choose not to take it personally. If the individual dislikes the pot, but chose not to take the effort to dispose of or get away from it, even if he or she has the option and capability to, the pot will remain.

      It's only if the situation were dire enough where the pot would do enough damage with absolutely no good points, or if an individual was irreversibly stuck in difficulty with no way of getting out (considering there is reincarnation, this possibility is pretty slim), the pot will stay.

      Basically, it's not as simple as "Oh a monster generator so cool it will just disappear if I don't want it anymore anyway". For the most part, the individual who has decided to use the pot, is responsible for the pot.

      Also, the pot has a lid. Initially, the pot will be shut tight by the lid, and only when the lid is removed do monsters start coming out. The lid cannot be removed if the individual does not know what the pot is. There will always be instructions nearby though, so it really isn't that hard to be aware of what it is.

      The pot cannot be destroyed by any means, mostly. Unless an omnipotent being is involved, like a goddess. Otherwise, it is meant to be indestructible.

      It cannot be closed by any means other than the lid that has been designated to it. Trying to plug the pot any other way will end with the blockage being burst open from the inside, and stream of monsters will sort of burst out as if they were water bursting out of a full bottle that has been squeezed.

      The individual who is directly interacting with the pot (even from a long distance) will always be aware of the lid's location.

      If the individual leaves the lid on the pot for extended periods of time (weeks, months), after initially choosing to open the lid in the first place, whispers will start to hound the individual, begging him to remove the lid, usually through words like "It's so dark in here." or "Free us, please." It will be mild at first, but will slowly get worse. The individual will not be disturbed as long as the lid is off the pot.

      One pot is limited per planet. They cannot be moved to other planets. Attempting to teleport them won't work, they will stay in their current position regardless. If they were to be physically moved to a different planet, the creatures will bring it back to the original planet if possible. Otherwise, it will simply teleport back to its last position in the planet.

      It is however possible to leave a pot in space, but it will never enter the atmosphere of a planet that already has another pot. Creatures of separate pots were designed to never meet.

      Tight rules like this are implemented due to how potentially destructive the pot may be if placed in malicious hands with the power to make it destructive. The deity would also rather prefer to avoid having to personally remove the pots.

      That being said.

      Thinking about it, the pot could potentially be used as a weapon against others, especially if the user is someone who is able to move the pot from a distance away (telekinesis/elemental powers).

      I mean, just tip the pot upside down and a flood of little creatures will attack anything around them, and since you're far away, you're safe from danger. Let's not forget that the creatures are have more than half your battle capabilities.. each. They would be useful for clearing out hordes of weaker foes.

      Blegh, now that I think about it, this tool is pretty broken. Especially if the user is already powerful in his or herself.

      Perhaps the creatures should only inherit around 20% of the user's power each. Maybe the strength they inherit should depend on the number of them roaming outside the pot. If they are flooding out of an upside down pot, meaning there would be dozens or even hundreds of them, they may inherit 1-5% of the user's overall battle capabilities each.

      Another thing is the creatures in the pot. They have a hive mind. They are all controlled by the pot, or something in it. In a way, they're like drones. So, killing them is like cutting a lock of hair. It doesn't hurt, they don't suffer.

      On another note, disposing the pot. Let's say the pot has been abandoned or placed somewhere with no contact with other individuals whatsoever. Nobody to attack. In a situation like this, a colony may form. If the lid has been disposed with the pot, but the pot is left open, the creatures will attempt to hide the lid the best they can. Because the pot doesn't actually like being sealed shut.

      In an open area, the creatures will spread out and travel as long as their 24 hour lifespan would allow them too. Eventually, there will be a standard pattern to their behaviour, mostly spreading out and monitoring the territory, though for the most part they seem to be wandering aimlessly.

      If the owner has truly abandoned the pot, the creatures battle capabilities will be adjusted to match their surroundings, not the previous owner.

      Of course, they will always be adapted to whatever surrounds the pot, so it will rarely be a situation where they die as soon as they come out of the pot. For example, if the pot is spinning around in a tornado filled with lightning bolts, the creatures will adapt in the way that they will be able to navigate easily within the tornado and receive minimal damage from thunder strikes.

      I mean, a place full of storming tornadoes that is also filled with little creatures that most certainly want to kill you. And if they were flaming tornadoes? Heheheheheheheh...

      However, let's say the pot is locked in an enclosed area. One would have to ensure that either the area is big enough to house everything that comes out of the pot, or that the area's conditions and the pots position is set up in a way that very few creatures would appear at a time.

      If an enclosed area were to be too saturated with creatures (they are practically squished against each other and the walls and cannot move whatsoever), the containment area WILL be breached. It will usually burst. So keep that in mind.

      And the topic of if the pot were to be abandoned in a place near enough to someone's home or some sort of village. The creatures will most definitely attack that place as soon as they reach it. Depending on the nature of the place, they may swarm on it, or attack occasionally in small numbers. (Farms or peaceful settlements get fewer attacks)

      If the ones being attacked wish for the attacks to stop, they will be made aware of the pots location, and may start a quest to retrieve it, plug it and move it, or ask someone else to do it. It won't be easy though, as there will probably be a relatively large swarm of creatures around the pot by the time they even know of this. And they will probably try to make the retrieval of the lid as difficult as they can manage.

      The difficulty of this quest may be decreased if the victim is truly incapable of battle and cannot contact anyone else to help.

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