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    Question: When naming the species, where'd the names (Ratsu, Koya, Rizu, Tazya) come from?

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    • Well, I called my species unique names mostly so I have more control over how they're supposed to look instead of just calling them "Starmaninjian wolf", etc.

      Ratzu came from a misspelling of Amaterasu, where I thought the last part was "Amateratzu", so I made Kao's last name "Ninjaratzu". Upon looking it up on google, I found out the word "Ratzu" doesn't exist and was purely made up. So I decided that because "Ratzu" roughly translates to "Wolf", and Ninjaratzu would mean "Ninja wolf", that's where that came from.

      Koya came from a weird mix up of the japanese word for cat "Neko". I initially called them "nekoyas" based on this japanese restaurant I loved going to called "Negoya", but then I removed the "ne" part so it'd look less like "Neko". I like the sound of "Koya" better anyway as it sounds more African.

      Rizu was completely made up. It just sounded cute and stuck. Loosely based on Rodent, as they both start with R.

      Tsuni was also based on the japanese word for Fox "Kitsune", but I got rid of the "Ki" part and messed with the spelling a bit. Tsunis aren't actually foxes though, but roughly translates to "Ferals" and encompass any Starmaninjians who aren't clearly a Canine, Rodent, or other mammal of some kind with definitive traits, like Raccoon, Kangaroo, etc. THe only reason Foxes are considered Tsunis is because despite thier canine like features, I kind of see Foxes as too different from canines, so they got thier own species name.

      Dranan is based on the goddess, Drane Dragon. Since she's the first reptile based Starmaninjian. However, unlike all the other Goddesses (and gods), Drane is the only one who's first name named the species, rather than her last name. Drane comes from a femininized version of Drake.

      Amphian is just Amphibian. I was kind of lazy with that one, but it stuck. It encompasses all aquatic based Starmaninjians (and lizards for some reason).

      Tazya is completely made up just like Rizu. It's loosely based on Talon, but it just sounds fitting for bird based species.

      and finally, Manan is just Man with an addon. Manans are Primapes essentially, though they have pretty different features from earth based primapes. They're the most basic Starmaninjian species.

      Each species has a deity that is the "original". Some have 2 deities to represent different major versions. (e.g. domestic cat versus Big cat (like lions and tigers))

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    • Wow! I like long replies. Very detailed too. :D

      Here's another one, why do starmaninjians (or at least some of them) have mañan forms? Including Kiara Ratzu, one of the two main goddesses in the realm.

      Why do they not just stay in their powerful Starmaninjian forms all the time?

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    • Well, the primary reason Manans even exist in the first place is because of a boy named Wolfgang, who is more commonly known as "Starky".

      Here's his picture. Both the Manan and Dragon are the same guy, though the Manan is the original Wolfgang, while the Dragon is Wolfgang's character, named "Starky", which is why he adopts the name "Starky" after becoming a Starmaninjian. (The name "Wolfgang" becomes the last name of the Ratzu family that Kiara created who would eventually be the mother's side of family for the titular Kao and Starky)
      Starky Starkyd

      Wolfgang's backstory is quite depressing, but has a light at the end of it. Shortly after he was born, his mother, who has a personality very similar to Kiara, died in an accident when she left to do an extreme sport of some kind. She was doing so mostly to benefit a movement and raise money to help a nearby village, who her husband helped protect. Wolfgang's father didn't really know how to tell his very young son that his mother wasn't coming home (loosely based on that level in Elite Beat agents, if you look it up, you'll know the one). So for the longest time, Wolfgang believed his mother was still out entertaining.

      Unfortunately, Wolfgang's father met his demise shortly after. The mayor of the village that Wolfgang lived in was a very corrupt man and wanted to demolish the Native American village nearby to expand his land and influence. In a stand off, Wolfgang's father was shot and killed by the Mayor, who then covered it up and made it sound like the natives killed him (keep this note in mind). Wolfgang knew the natives wouldn't have done so, but being a powerless child, he ran away from the now angry village and decided to live with one of the Natives, who's name coincedently was "Kao" as well.

      Wolfgang spent many years with the wolves in the nearby forest, who quickly befriended him and human Kao, but fast forward a few years and the mayor and a scientist were both hunting in the forest recreationally. They came across the wolves and wanted to shoot them just to get rid of them. The Scientist didn't want to kill them initially, but when one of the wolves, Kiara, realized what was going on, she dashed up and attempted to fight off the hunters. The Mayor out of anger took out a knife and slashed her up along the body (hence her chest his red). This didn't kill her immediately, but out of shock, the Scientist shot the other wolf, Siberia, right in the forehead (which is why all Starmaninjians have that huge forehead hair. She grew it that way to protece thier foreheads and to cover up the bullet wound formed.

      Wolfgang found out the hunters killed the wolves a day later when they started rallying to kill all the wolves in the forest, citing them as dangerous and ruthless. Wolfgang, freaking out, dashed into the forest and called out the Mayor and scientist for going way too far (as he knew the Mayor killed his father using the same strategy). The Mayor got so frustrated, he shot Wolfgang and killed him too, which lead to the Scientist going back to town and telling teh truth to what the mayor did with proof. This movement managed to get the Mayor arrested, but with the entire family of wolves dead as well as Wolfgang's family, they eventually ascended to Starmaninja.

      Now one thing abot Wolfgang is that much like me IRL, he was an artist, and the art style he drew happens to be the general way the Starmaninjians would end up looking. He also got to name the world "Starmaninja" after his, and Kao's favorite themes, Space and Ninjas. and as a tribute to giving his life to protect the grave of Siberia and Kiara, Wolfgang, who changed his name to Starky, was recreated as his own creation, which lead to the existence of the Manan, which translates to "Good human".

      Now as for why Kiara has a Manan form (as well as Starmaninjian Kao). This is because as another gift, Kiara manipulated the Starmaninjian line so that Kao and Starky would now be brothers and Human Kao, who eventually became a Starmaninjian after his village was burned to the ground, gave birth to what would eventually be the modern heroes, Kao and Starky, the young Kao being the Ratzu body that would eventually house the soul of Kiara and Siberia's father (who died a few years before due to a trap set during a harsh winter). However, to prepare teh young Starmaninjian Kao for his Ratzu soul, Kiara had to disguise herself as Manan Kia so she could be a guide to him without forcing him to be who he would inevitably become.

      After all, at this point, the Starmaninjian story is about Kao Ninjaratzu, the father of Siberia and Kiara, coming to terms with the fact that the Starmaninjian universe will be a place where his daughters can forever be safe, as well as his wife. So the story revolves around Kiara and Siberia using thier newly formed Starmaninjian genetics to create the perfect body for thier father, as well as recreate him to acknoweldge his deity powers as well.

      WHEW! Lots of backstory.

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    • That is a lot to register hahaha.

      So.. Starky, Kao, Kiara, Siberia and Soula Rizu are external souls, originating before or during the early stages of the realm. Do most of the other inhabitants have recycled/created souls?

      If a fair number of inhabitants originated from outside the starmaninjian universe, what brings them here? Does Kiara/Siberia herself pick and choose who gets to live here, or is it random or done automatically with some sort of criteria (like dying painfully or having a pure heart).

      Side question: What was Starmaninja like during its earliest stages (when you were really young and just started thinking about it)?

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    • Hehe! Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to tell the whole story. Worst case scenario, I think the first book will probably display everyone's story from thier own point of view (like each chapter will be each character's own point of view), since each character undergoes the story slightly differently and I can focus on the emotions each character had during thier short visit to Earth.

      Yes, Sylvia, Kao, Starky, Kiara, Siberia, Zena, Soula, and Sandra are all external souls. Every other Starmaninjian, including the other deities, are either reincarnations of one of those original beings, or were created by them specifically for Starmaninja. This also explains why reproduction is so limited here. Every child born is just a reincarnation of the parents and since no one can die (because Soula will just rebuild thier body and put their soul back into it), children usually just end up becomming thier parents reanimated. Only those who are direct descendants of the Goddesses (by biological birth) are unique souls (like Wolfen and Rhozia).

      Well, initially, Sylvia (the arch creator) was going to create the universe that ended up being named Starmaninja, but because she didn't really have any ideas of what to put in the universe, she decided to visit Earth to get some ideas. She chose the wolf form because it matched how she really looked the closest. During her stay there, nature forced her to breed with Kao (the wolf) to make 2 children, Kiara and Siberia. Because they had live children, they decided to dedicate thier life to protecting and helping the kids grow strong while Sylvia worked on mapping out the new universe for them to be safe.

      Unfortunately, because the wolves all died prematurely (except Sylvia, who was the one creating the universe), the children had to take over and pick up where their mother left off. Kiara and Siberia decided that Siberia should be the one to design the universe because of her more modest personality and her peaceful nature, which she got from her father. Kiara stated that she, as co creator would protect it, and Starky designed the visuals and came up with things for them to do based on cartoons and adventures he had when he was alive. Sylvia eventually died of depression and was taken to the Starmaninjian universe by her daughters. She however was traumatized by losing everyone on Earth and it took about 10,000 years for her to really get over it, mostly because at the time, Kao was still a bodyless soul and couldn't form new memories (hence Kiara having to make a new body for him).

      SO the Ratzu family owns the universe. Zena was taken in when she met with Sylvia on the way to the Starmaninjian Universe. Having the same wish and the same woes, they were able to relate and she was taken in about the same time.

      Soula was taken into the Universe because the Scientist who shot Siberia happened to also kill Soula in his lab while she was pregnant with twins (because he wanted to see if Mice reacted to pain). Sylvia came across her too and after hearing her story, decided to take her in as the Grim Reaper to make sure no one so cruel would be able to walk in the new universe.

      Sandra actually came way later, and in the modern times, getting into the Starmaninjian universe just requires approval from Kao, who serves as the gatekeeper for the Universe. (Which in a metaphysical way, is kind of what I'm doing here. XD)

      To get into the Starmaninjian universe, you just have to be a respectful person. Long as you're not a jerk or insensitive to the Starmaninjian way of life, you'd be allowed to at least visit. Becomming a permanent resident is mostly based on how much you enjoy the universe's lifestyle.

      Hehe, as for what it was like when I first started. Goodness that's like another paper in and of itself. To quickly summarize it for now: Starmaninja didn't actually become such until after I created and developed Kao (which came from my dad asking me if I have a wolf character inspired by Wolf Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I was about 13 or 14 years old, just before 8th grade). Believe it or not, Kao was actually my fourth major character. Starky was third and was actually a fan character for Zelda, Drake Long was second and was a Paper Mario fan character (based on Hooktail), and Raymond Crystoya was my first character, based on Calvin and Hobbes (who I think I created and started darwing since I was about 9 years old). All the stories were disjointed and had thier own universes until I finally decided to make Kao and Starky siblings, which was the first time Starmaninja existed as it's own universe. I didn't start tying it all together until a few years later though.

      As for the point where I REALLY started to make it a Universe and not just a "Video game I wanted to make in the future" was when I played Okami and fell in love with the story and concept and that happened when I was 18 and in college. (I also had a terrible mental break down that made me question the point of life because my future outlook was so terrible, I didn't think it was worth it to keep going. Spending my life being a slave to society and doing what other people want because my own dreams didn't matter at all. Thanks to a Christian Fraternity group I joined, I reopened my mind to the power of religion and hence the story of Starmaninja as told through Siberia and Kiara was born.)

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    • I think I like where this conversation is going. :D Considering I don't run out of questions and you're still willing to answer them.

      Clarification: 1. So.. the current Kao is the reincarnation of the Kao Wolfgang made friends with before Wolfgang got shot? And he would eventually share souls with Siberia's and Kiara's father? Who.. is also named Kao? Or did the father have no identifiable name or just a different name and just deciding to name both of them "Kao" seem neater as they'd be sharing the same soul?

      Or did Human Kao end up being a different starmaninjian altogether?

      2. Syria could not revert to her god form while she was a wolf, is that right? How did she come across this limitation when she visited Earth? Was it by choice, and why?

      When she visited Earth, besides her ability to map out a universe (at least in her head, I guess?), did she have any capabilities greater than a normal wolf? Did Siberia and Kiara have capabilities beyond what a normal wolf would usually have before they got killed as well?

      3. When a starmaninjian is reincarnated, do they remember the events of their past lives? If only some of them do, what are the requirements for keeping their memories?

      Questions: 1. Sylvia has been traumatised about the events in earth for 10000 years. In this time period, has she taken part or affected the universe in any way using her god like powers?

      2. Okay. Reproduction and reincarnation. Most starmaninjians are simply reincarnated into their children, you say?

      Does the soul transfer immediately when the child is born or reaches a certain age? Does it transfer fully, in the sense that the parent dies or becomes an empty husk when the child is born, or reaches a certain age, or when it is simply decided that it would happen? If this were the case, is the child, until the point of soul transferring, an empty husk, or is there some placeholder soul there? Or are souls in this universe not required to live and have your own thoughts?

      Or can souls be split and shared? For instance, when the child is born, a part of the parents souls go into him/her while the rest remains with them until they die?

      And which parents soul go to which child? Or is it split randomly, the child having a mesh of both? Would a starmaninjian's soul always move directly on to his/her offspring, especially in the case where souls move exclusively to the child (child just inherits mother's soul). Or do some of them get transferred somewhere else, like another unrelated starmaninjian's child?

      You mentioned only direct descendants of deities, by childbirth have unique souls. Does that mean direct descendants of other starmaninjians by child birth do not have unique souls? Or do normal starmaninjians reproduce in a different way altogether?

      What happens to a starmaninjian's body as it dies? Does it decompose like a normal animal would, except more or less smellier and messier depending on the biology there. Or do they just go *poof* and disappear? Or shatter and disappear into the wind like sparkly dust? Do deities "die" differently than normal starmaninjians do?

      Are Kao, Kia and Sparky the only Manans with Starmaninjian forms? If not, when a mañan/starmaninjian hybrid dies, what happens to the body? Does it stay in the same form it was before it died, does it revert to a set form or does it go *poof* and shatter into the winds?

      Blegh, I wrote so much. >,< It's alright, feel free to take your time, maybe just answer bit by bit if you want to.

      Terrible future outlook? Spending your life being a slave to society with your dreams not mattering? What happened at that point which made those so?

      Eh.. well, this is sort of an awkward RL question so.. feel free to ignore that one. It just piqued my interest.

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    • It's alright! It's my wiki so I'm willing to give as much information as possible!

      1. Wolf Kao versus Human Kao

      I guess I did make that kind of unclear.

      For one, the wolves didn't actually have names originally. Wolfgang called them the names he did. Now he actually named Siberia after the area where his best friend Human Kao's tribe came from. He named Kiara partially after his mother (who's name was 'Kiera") and partially after his favorite movie, Lion King. He finally named Sylvia that because Sylvia means "From the forest" and that's where he met the wolves. He wouldn't have met Wolf Kao at all until after reaching Starmaninja, who he named after his late best friend.

      The Human Kao's soul did ascend to Starmaninja as one of the first Starmaninjians. Due to his similarity in personality to Wolf Kao  and his kind, nature loving nature, his Starmaninjian descendant would eventually become the Wolf Kao you see me draw all the time, with the help of Kiara, who used the soul of Wolfgang's mother to develop her own personality. This is kind of why Kiara has a strong, african female like personality and design despite the other wolves being based on Native Americans. So Human Kao purely exists as who they call "The Original Kao" typically. If you've seen Manan Kao. That's how Human Kao looks except his skin is darker and he wears a Native American style clothing. THe striped shirt and shorts are actually clothing Wolfgang drew for a character of his and the white skin is to indicate that Starmaninjians have ambiguous skin color. That's all that you need to know about Human Kao though. From this point on, every time Kao's name is mentioned, it refers to Starmaninjian Kao. Wolf Kao's spirit is known as "Shadow" or "Genric Shinobi" until he fuses with Starmaninjian Kao.

      2. Sylvia's god powers not working?

      Sylvia was considered a visitor at the time she entered Earth, and was limited physically to what she can do. Much like how Jesus was still a mortal human despite being the son of God. The way it generally works, when anyone visits a new universe, they are kind of bound to the rules and laws of the universe, which is why she couldn't use her powers until she simply left. She was intending to stay just long enough to hear and study the way humans act, as well as other animals, then die naturally to leave without disrupting the balance, but what she didn't realize immediately is that on Earth, when you mate, you get preganant. So she and Kao ended up having 2 daughters earlier than she wanted (She was going to have children when she reached the new universe). Siberia and Kiara didn't know they were born as deities and it was mostly the time they spent with Wolfgang that caused them to really develop their personalities and such. It was acutally when Wolfgang would spend hours each day telling the wolves about his stories that the twin daughters figured out how to make thier own universe (despite being wolves, they did understand him, they just couldn't communicate with him directly). So when they died, they were able to get right to desiging the universe. Sylvia would've helped them, but was too traumatized about what happened, so the Universe ended up being kind of a nursing home for her. (She was just appalled to come across such cruel beings, the hunters, and wanted to regret going to Earth, but meeting Wolfgang was just too much of a blessing. Just like in real life how bad things happen to all of us, but there's always something good that comes out of it.)

      3. The Soul's memories

      The soul dictates the memories a Starmaninjian would have, but the physical body is what determines if they can be recollected or not (at the moment). This is loosely based on the fact that in real life, people have claimed to have memories of past lives, dreams of living in the past as someone else, and even memories of living as an animal or in another universe. When Starmaninjians give birth, their child is basically just formed from half the soul of each parent. and like I said above, they have all thier parent's memories, but can't necessarily remember them. For example, Baiyo Flirewing is the Daughter of Phoenix Flirewing and Eagle Aerowing. It took Phoenix 2000 years (really less than that, but..that's about how old she is), to master the element of fire, but because Baiyo is her daughter, she automatically knows how to use Fire (and wind for her father) as well she also knows she's very strong because of her father. This is why Baiyo as a child knows she can safely attack with high force and manipulate fire easily wihtout having to be taught (much like animals in real life in a sense).

      Now on Earth, it's presumed that if you die, you may or may not be reincarnated, or you may just ascend, but most humans don't remember anything about thier past life except little bits and pieces (If they did come back). Starmaninja however guarantees that your body is reincarnated, because Soula just rebuilds your body as it was before you "died" and then puts your soul back into it. You end up with all your memories except for the seconds where you were dying (so you don't remember the pain or anything). but the bottom line is that the Soul is never destroyed. This is how Sylvia can remember what her life was like before even visitng Earth, as well as Kao.

      4. Sylvia's Trauma

      Sylvia's trauma actually didn't have a direct effect on the Starmaninjian universe as much as just left her wanting to be alone for a long time. The Universe is about 10,000 years old overall. While she knew her daughters were safe, the biggest thing that impacted was she had a horrible vendetta against humans and detested the sight of them. In the first few games planned for Starmaninjian Kao's adventure, Sylvia, who is falsely called "Shredda" attacks Manan Kao and Kia because she misunderstands who they are and isn't aware of Kiara's plan to design a perfect body for her father yet. Kia can't tell Sylvia exactly what's going on because she needs to make sure the Starmaninjian body doesn't develop new memories of Sylvia (or gets a bad impression), so she forcefully refers to Sylvia as "Shredda" and makes her seem to be a Generic Shadow, the antagonistic group created to keep the Starmaninjians trained and all. After a final battle in the second game's adventure, Kiara takes Sylvia to an alternate dimension and tells her what's going on and explains why she didn't tell her sooner, which then Sylvia stops attacking, but instead takes time to tell her husband in spirit form what's going on. Incedently, it's actually Wolf Kao's spirit who resented the new body because he wasn't sure he'd be able to protect her daughters with it incase something like what happened on Earth happened again. It's very Lion King 2 esque where Starmaninjian Kao is like Kovu and Wolf Kao is like Simba and of course, Kiara's Kiara! ^ ^

      5. The way reproduction works

      THe best way to explain this is to look at the Unvierse in terms of dimentional planes.

      There are 3 Starmaninjian planes (there are a few more, but many are parallel):

      1. The Goddess Dimension - This is where the beings from outside dimensions meet and live (Siberia, Kiara, Kao, Zena, Soula, etc). This is where they all oversee the entire Starmaninjian universe and control every aspect of it.

      2. The Omnipotent Dimension - This is where the omnipotent Starmaninjians live, the other Goddesses like Celestia, Drane, etc. This dimension is reserved for unique Starmaninjians souls that were directly created by those in the Goddess dimension and starts the line of descendants that makes up the Starmaninjians who walk the planet. This is why two Starmaninjians can end up being exactly the same despite not having the same relatives.

      3. The Starmaninjian Dimension - This is where all the magic happens and shows it's results. Where all the people live, breed, eat, etc. Because new souls can only be created in the upper 2 dimensions (or the imaginations of the Starmaninjians itself), every Starmaninjian here is going to be a mixutre of the souls that were created in the higher dimensions. It will just keep mixing and randomizing in features to keep making new Starmaninjians, but they are all pretty much just a mixture of the ones from the Ominpotent dimension or Goddess Dimension. Which is why reproduction is so limited.

      If the population were to ever get too high, the souls may start fusing together with soulds that are too similar so the memories of both Starmaninjians and bodies become one. Since the original soul exists  and the new soul is just a mixture of the original souls, it's very easy for a Starmaninjian to just fuse with another with a similar soul signature to become one being. They're already all the same person anyway.

      However, overpopulation won't happen for eons, as there are only about 2 million Starmaninjians in the entire universe so far and the galaxy is about 5 planets, each 1.5x the size of Earth....Plus thier bodies are designed to make Reproduction something you can only do if you really want a child, and by default will block sperm from reaching the eggs, so you have to force the path open if you're female. Plus the goddesses can always make more planets very easily.

      The soul that transfers to the child is random mostly, but usually will be even. Typically one parent's body and the other's personality or powers transfer. and sometimes, grandparents genes will transfer.

      6. What happens when they die?

      When a Starmaninjian dies (or ends up in a position where they would otherwise not escape), their bodies just fade away, then Soula takes thier body, uses her goddess powers to recreate it, and puts the soul back in, then teleports them to a safe spot. Much like what happens in a video game with respawning. Starmaninjians never die permananetly except in rare cases where the Goddesses walked the planet as a Starmaninjian and want to the body to permanently leave the planet because they've done what they wanted (which is what Kiara does after hearing Starmaninjian Kao finally call her "Kiara" on his own, indicating that the part of her father's soul inserted in his body was finally awakening).

      7. Manan form

      Hehe, I was a bit unclear there. the "Physical forms" are actually literally transformations. not unique beings (except in Kia Stealthinja's case, where Kiara actually borrowed the body of a grim reaper named Shredda who was created by Soula to help her reap). the Young Starmaninjian Kao was born as a Ratzu, but became a Manan so he could adapt to adventure a bit easier and enjoy his childhood with Starky. and Starky was born a Manan because he was originally a human. Wolfgang and Starky are the exact same person and really show the whole "Reincarnation" concept most directly because Wolfgang, who lives in the Ancient Kingdom, and Starky, the young boy born from Wolfie and Dragon, are the exact same person. The Dragon form was based on the character Wolfgang created when he was alive and is exclusive to young Starky. Thankfully, Wolfgang and Starky have different names though. I may end up changing the spelling of Human Kao's name, probably "Kaoh" to differentiate.

      8. Terrible future

      Yeah, I was getting depressed because once I got to college, everyone was acting like college was the only thing that mattered and everything the professors and the school said was pretty much what I did. If they said I failed, it was my fault, even if it wasn't. It really wasn't until I met one kind professor who actually talked to me about the problem and pointed out the truth of what was going on, which is when everyone started to stop abusing me and treating me like I was meant to be a slave my whole life. I was finally able to choose what I wanted to do with my life and follow my own dreams and things have gotten far better since then.

      Basically to summarize: Say you wanted to be a carpenter, but because of the university you went to, a professor gives you a bad mark in an economy class that has nothing to do with your skills, and you're treated as a failure and as punishment, are forced to retake the class and redo everything just to prove you're "worthy" of passing. It was so stupid.

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    • 1. What issues did Father Wolf have with the Starmaninjian universe, his new vessel or just in general? What is it like to be a bodiless soul? It can't form memories, yet it has the capability to disapprove of something. Or is it simply a matter of incompatibility?

      2. Are there non-Starmaninjian or Mañan animals or creatures in this universe? Simple creatures, besides trees and foliage and such. Would shadows count? What are shadows, really? An artificial life form made purely to be fought with? Are there evil or otherwise plain antagonistic entities in this universe? Were they created or did they come from outside? Who are the Intruders?

      3. Vanilla Cate: You mentioned she was born when her mother tried to resurrect her sister. So.. her mother didn't know of the reincarnation thing, or does reincarnation come at a much later time, or the body simply loses all it's memories so much so that interacting with the new person just isn't the same as before?

      What happens when she's just free to roam around so much so that she has to be locked up? It states that it is to prevent her from hurting herself too much, but it also states that she could survive on her own terms easily. Does she cause too much havoc, causing trouble to other Starmaninjians when she's out?

      So.. Flora Heartbeat got mutated. By a polluted river. From an abandoned factory once owned by Bimmy. How often does pollution and crime happen in the starmaninjian universe, and when I mean crime I mean malicious crime, less of the "I move and draw on public property around and sometimes steals things in the night because they are shiny but leave them for the owner to find" sort, even by souls originating from within? Who is Bimmy?

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    • 1. Kao's Broken soul

      It's actually not the Starmaninjian unvierse he has a problem with directly, but more so "Any Universe that would remotely have something like what happened to Earth happen again." Father Kao died when he left to find food for his family during a terrible blizzard and he got his legs caught in a trap, where the snow and blood loss killed him. Because he didn't want to leave his family behind, he decided to watch over them as a spirit, but when he saw the hunters straight up shoot Siberia and slash Kiara, he got angry and wanted to obliterate the humans for doing what they did. He left to possess Human Kao temporarily to see if he could send Wolfgang a message and enact his revenge, but shortly after talking to Wolfgang, teh village was set on fire, killing Human Kao and rekilling Father Kao.

      The souls kind of merged in a strange way, but it was Human Kao that was reincarnated first because of his help in protecting the family and Wolfgang. Father Kao was still uncertain though, as he thought the Starmaninjian universe was Wolfgang's world and was afraid that it would just be "another Earth". Plus he was also worried that if anyone could reach the Universe, it may not be as safe as he'd like it (e.g. Anyone just coming in, pretending to be a STarmaninjian, and causing problems). So as a spirit, he basically went around destroying anything that looked remotely out of place, and sure enough, the thing that most caught his attention is the Starmaninjian Kao and Kia, who he thought were two people impersonating his children. It's not until the end of Wolfen's first adventure when Starmaninjian Kao screams "Kiara!" after her accidental sacrifice that Father Kao realizes who the Starmaninjian form of him is really supposed to be. Also because Kiara then explains the whole thing. It's still not until many years later that the two Kao's will fuse into one being again because now he's there to test the body with everything he knows. The fuse at the very end and Kao gets all his memories back, where they take down the temporary incarnation of the evil Mayor (who's there because he fell asleep and Kiara personally took him to an alternate universe called NInjamastar, so she could teach him a lesson.)

      2. Starmaninjian animals?

      There are indigenous Starmaninjians known as Starmaninchibis. They're not very common because most of them are intelligent enough to be considered full fledged Starmaninjians, but typically have much smaller bodies. I haven't drawn any yet, but I have had ideas for them. It's just hard really because even ferals can be Starmaninjians, but the idea would be based on Pokemon. There is a conceptualized idea called "Starmadigitals" which is kind of the Starmaninjian equivalent of Pokemon or Digimon. Collectable creatures that can be trained and battled, but as evident by their name, they're all digital entities.

      Generic Shadows are the main antagonizing force in Starmaninja without being Villainous.
      Skullmanjo Dlareg
      They were created by this guy, Skullmanjo Dlareg, who was created by Siberia to have a being that controls a common evil force for the Starmaninjians to safely battle without having to worry about sparring against each other and can work as a team against larger threats. They're a lot like the Koopa troops in Mario or the Egg Robots in Sonic.
      Skullmanjo Dlareg and Wolfgon Skull
      The second image is very old, but the white balls are Generic Shadows. THey can take the form of anything they want and all have a unimind, so despite being a bunch of entities, they all act like one unifying soul and mind (though occasionally a few of them will talk to each other as if they have different minds, but when they do that, it's usually just them thinking aloud).

      I'll upload Skull's profile shortly, Skull isn't actually evil at all though he looks evil. In fact, he's really more like a "Necessary evil" or anti-hero. As while he controls and creates the destructive and antagonistic Generic Shadows. His whole reason for doing so is purely so Starmaninjians can get stronger. He actually gets upset if a STarmaninjian loses to the Generic Shadows and praises them if they win. (though in a rather sardonic way, like "Hmm, you managed to impress me that you defeated my army. Consider this the final time I go easy on you, or you'll forever remain weak.")

      3. Amoura's failed resurrection

      This is actually an interesting case, but there are two quirks to her story. 1. Amoura is actually the Daughter of the Goddess who can revive Starmaninjians, but since Amoura was actually conceived before they even reached Starmaninja, her soul is "unique", and not Starmaninjian. Though they were born in the Starmaninjian universe, their bodies weren't yet optimized for the Starmaninjian universe in a sense. A giant Meteor that broke off planet Cavertain in the year 8000 impacted Botanorest, where the Rizus lived and crashed on Planet Starninja, making what is "Magmolcano" a volcanic wasteland in the North west corner of the planet. THe impact was too much for the Rizus and they both were on the last leg of thier life (which at the time, Soula didn't know what to do for them because they technically weren't Starmaninjians). A Koya named Mildra came across them and decided to give them a new, Starmaninjian body as a desparate measure and did so for Amoura, but couldn't find Rhazia at all (who was still stuck inside the meteor). Amoura, following a similar route Kiara did, decided to recreate her twin sister's soul using her own by giving birth to Vanilla many years later, but at the same time, a Botanian Rizu seemed to come up out of nowhere who very strongly resembled Rhazia (this was after Vanilla was born). So what ended up happening was there were now two Rhazias. One inside Vanilla and her sister who managed to get a remade body after Soula mastered the technique. The Rizu Rhazia finally went back to Botanorest after Gene Scinaman finished building the Rocket to explore other planets, and Amoura decided to stay in Starninja to have a Life and Death guardian on this planet as well.

      Amoura is the Breeder guardian and is designed to want to mate a lot and help others produce children (or bring life). Rhazia (as her name subtly implied, based on Raze), is the Reaper and will destroy anything that causes trouble in the STarmaninjian universe, which also explains why she was able to eventually resurrect herself and why Amoura tried to resurrect her herself. To not let the Rhazia clone go to waste, Vanilla gave birth to the succubus known as Razia Succubukoya, who is a combination of the two sisters, destructive and lustful.  I haven't drawn Rhazia yet (or I don't have a recent drawing of her), which is why the story is pretty disjointed at the moment, once I draw her, the story will be easier to tell).

      3b. Vanilla the Masochist

      Because Vanilla has the half soul of a reaper inside her body but is a mere mortal STarmaninjian herself, she couldn't really handle the destructive soul very easily. She is capable of living on her own, but has an extreme affinity for blood and pain, particularly on herself. This is because the original Rhazia, being a reaper, always felt some kind of razing force around her (kind of the equivalent of being constnatly under a hot shower), which emphasized her destructive power. Everyone was basically afraid that she would hurt herself too much by slashing herself and anyone near her, but after the Intruders were defeated in Domekoya City and the soul was released in a body specially designed for a reaper, Vanilla was able to control her urges far better. Soula also used the opportunity to fix Vanilla's body so that she got stronger every time she got hurt and giving her a TON of HP.

      4. Flora's Mutation

      Serious malicious crime doesn't happen much as if it did, the Starmaninjians or Soula would stop the threat, but to add a bit of realism, the Goddesses usually have some kind of challenges that exist for the sake of teaching the Starmaninjian what to do in certain situations (hence the Generic Shadows).

      Bimmy is a villain who is very greedy. There are some Starmaninjians who are actually villainous in the same way Eggman or Bowser are. Never a permanent threat, but just kind of antagonistic against some of the heroes. Bimmy is one of them who does everything in his power to gain as much money as possible (despite Money being otherwise useless in the Universe due to everyone using the farmable Energy Crystals instead). He's actually a sarcastic take on Corporate entrepeneurs who like to deplete resources to make goods that they feel many people would buy and using money to market it. Though Bimmy isn't evil or malicious himself, he's just ignorant and it was only because of his ignorance that the river was polluted enough to cause Flora's mutation.

      THe whole story of Johnnathy Natural and Flora Heartbeat is all about Bimmy's inventions going off and causing some severe environmental damage and Johnnathy and Flora go around to save and fix the areas affected. Bimmy hates Johnathy because he sees Johnathy as a hinderance to man made progress.

      I have old drawings of Bimmy and Johnathy, but they're both overdo for a redraw.
      Bimmy Bigbucks sketch

      This is Bimmy

      Johnathy Natural

      This is Johnathy

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    • 1. What would be counted as something "out of place" in Father Wolf's eyes, or in general?

      What does an attacking spirit wolf look like? Can he take any form he wants, or is he just seen as this invisible or ghostly or just a normal, angry Starmaninjian?

      2. How did the mayor's incarnation get so powerful/threatening/troublesome in a way that they'd have to take him down? Or was he taken to the alternate dimension just for Kao to give him a good whooping personally? When the mayor was taken, was he dead, or did he die when he was taken, or was it like just another dream to him?

      3. This is taking into account that all souls get recycled and never truly die. And the part where they usually don't remember the pain of dying.

      How seriously is bodily death taken in Starmaninja? What makes it acceptable to "kill" another Starmaninjian, besides being threatened to be killed yourself or to defend others who might be severely harmed by that individual? Do some Starmaninjians prey on others? Are the prey okay with getting killed in that manner occasionally? At what point is it unacceptable, and what actions are taken in response to that? Do Starmaninjians that kill others due to short tempers, bloodlust, or violent urges simply accepted because "they can't help it"?

      What about torture? If a starmaninjian continually tortures another who has no power to fight back and escape, and has not consented, or was unjustly intimidated/threatened to accept, is he/she intervened? And at what point? Or rape, if it is unwanted, and unconsented? Would a starmaninjian even do that in the first place (without proper reason. Volta does it to those who want to master poison, right)? Has it happened before?

      Are souls revived right away when they die or is there some gap between death and rebirth? Where are they reincarnated if they get killed?

      4. If a visitor is taken into Starmaninja, where would he/she first appear and what dictates what form he/she would take and what elemental abilities the person would have? Do they appear as someone else's newborn baby, or do they just wake up somewhere in an adult form? Are they greeted with some sort of introduction ("Welcome to Starmaninja. You are in Planet X, here are a few ground rules, and how to generally use your abilities kthxbye.), or you just wake up and figure things out on your own?

      5. How often do Goddesses personally intervene in daily starmaninjian life? (Well, Kiara became a normal Starmaninjian herself, but eh.)

      6. Do shadows attack ALL Starmaninjians? Are there places without generic shadows?

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    • 1. Father Kao's Spirit:

      I guess anything that just promotes or envokes any kind of negativity that isn't in some way controlled by the goddesses or warrented by the Starmaninjians. Stuff that just looks bad and is unnecessary like seeing slavery and people suffering, any kind of apathy for one's own children, disrespect for things that don't affect the person, etc, but also just ideas that really could be avoided with a bit of divine recalculation, like plants being able to grow meat so animals don't have to be slaughtered for such. and reproduction being limited so overpopulation couldn't happen.

      The way he's protrayed is basicaly like Ratzu Kao but jet black all over except his eyes, which are piercing red with black pupils. This is mostly because he needed A Starmaninjian form to interact with the other Starmaninjians and as a result, picked a form that looks closest to how he truly looks (yes, he's a black wolf, just like Kiara, the gray wolf you see as Kao is a misinterpretation of how Wolfgang thought he looked, mostly because the snow stained his body.) Many Starmaninjians interpret him as being dressed in a Ninja suit, and hence call him "Genric Shinobi" (which is actually Kao mishearing Shadow questioning why he called him a "Generic Shadow" during a storm. Kao mis heard it as "Genric Shinobi" and Shadow never got the chance to correct him since he didn't technically have a name.) Father Kao's true form is actually just a black version of Kao but with blood dripping from between his legs from the trap that snapped him on Earth, which when Kao's new body was created, the daughters greatly overcompensated for.

      2. The Mayor's Wrath?

      Actually, the Mayor, known as Resistus, was never really all that powerful. Just a selfish human with a gun. He actually spent very little time in the Starmaninjian universe because he's still alive on Earth, but stuck in prison awaiting trial. It's on the night before the final trial (where the Starmaninjian universe has aged 10,000 years, on Earth it was only about 10 years), Resistus fell asleep and had a nightmare about being stuck in a desolate, firey looking planet that had these "Strange creatures" that looked like Starmaninjians. He was actually forced into the Ninjamastarian Universe, a parallel universe created by Kiara to punish him for what he did. In the end, when he's shot by his own former friend, Intrusion (the scientist, who's soul is actually lingering in the universe because of his botched suicide putting him in a coma), Resistus wakes up with a start and because of his wickedness (he doesnt' learn his lesson, unlike Intrusion), the guard walks up to his cell and tells him that because of all the crimes he committed, not only against his people, but also against nature, he has been given a life sentence in solitude. They close the blinds of the cell and the last they hear of him, he's just locked away forever. His punishment? A life where he can no longer take advantage of the world like it's his playground, he can only live with himself from then on. (At the same time, Intrusion finally wakes up from his coma due to the shock of falling in the "sun" and swears to dedicate his life to helping protect nature, out of respect of the Native tribe near his home and Wolfgang and his family, while his son dedicates his life to telling the story that Wolfgang initially was planning to tell, but his own version.

      3. Starmaninjian Death:

      3.a. Most Starmaninjians acknowledge a death similarly to a life lost in a video game. Depending on the situation, they may be frustrated, but usually know their friend or relative is coming back soon. In events where the Starmaninjian is dying, they will usually strive to help them recover or bring them back with a revive, because if they die, they have to return to a safe spot, which is usually far from thier current location. They never really get emotionally torn except during the event where Kiara (as Kia) died trying to tell Sylvia and Kao something and accidently got cut by Sylvia's scythe (Where she was about to slash Intrusion). It was a complete accident, but the fact that she died again at her mother's blade made the death more realistic and somewhat permanent. Luckily, only "Kia Stealthinja" really died though, as Kiara just returned to her Goddess form, but knowing that "Kia Stealthinja" wasn't coming back caused the Starmaninjians to break down. It was so sad that Kiara actually had to freeze time to finish preparations in the Starmaninjian Underworld and then return to the Universe to finally tell everyone that she is Solera, the Starmaninjian Goddess. This also had to be done because Wolfen's mother was literally dead to him, which traumatized him for years and the trauma never left until after he married Rhozia and started his own family.
      Ninjaratzu family

      The scene after the death of Kia Stealthinja

      Until that point, Kiara lives inside of Wolfen and in the games featuring him, his moves are enhanced by Kiara. Easily the saddest point in the Starmaninjian series, just under the scene where Sylvia sees her children's grave on Earth. (which is also wy Kiara was quick to revealing herself, she didn't want Wolfen to be depressed for 10,000 years like her mom was). Sylvia's reaction to this ironically broke her out of her depression and she was able to see the Starmaninjian universe for what it was instead of worrying about what it could be, changing her for the better.

      3.b. Soula's power is to make sure Starmaninjians are never tortured. While for fetish reasons they may toy around with the concept, Starmaninjians will never go as far as actually forcing someone to suffer. If a Starmaninjian ends up in a situation where they couldn't possibly survive or are in constant pain, Soula will "kill" them temporarily and revive them in a safe spot (similar to falling in bottomless pits in certain modern and racing games where you just warp back on the track). There is a litte time between the death and the revival, but it's usually too short for anything significant to happen (a fraction of a second usually, depending on how many Starmaninjians have died at that point). The reason they died doesn't make any difference, but if a person in Starmaninja were being malicious, Soula will force them to stay dead in the underw
      Grim Shredda concept sketch

      Kia's undead body, replaced with a new soul known as "Shredda"

      orld until they learn thier lesson, and in the Underworld, they live in slave like conditions.

      Starmaninjians can opt to stay in the Underworld and temporarily work for Soula or as servants of the Goddesses, but it's very rare they do that. The Body of Kia Stealthinja (known as Shredda Reaper) undergoes this task due to the nature of her death. Though it works out as a reward for letting Kiara use her body for so long.

      4. Visitors:

      Usually Visitors first appear in either Starmaninja City, Ninja Forest, or some void between dimensions where they will usually meet Kao Ninjaratzu first. The earliest moment visitors can enter the Universe is actually several thousand years after the main story takes place. The large time gap is to ensure that any story stuff that happens in the Universe without the visitors is covered and acknowledged, but during that gap, nothing much seems to happen. The Starmaninjians just live thier lives doing what they do best, and since they don't actually age after turning 24, they will always look pretty young (they can actually manipulate their bodies to look almost any age they want, as some Starmaninjians naturally grow at a slower or faster rate than others.).

      Once Kao is able to identify and assess who the Visitor is, they meet up with Kiara or Siberia to get a Starmaninjian form. The visitor can choose to enter as themselves in some cases, but usually will be given a Starmaninjian form to ensure they can maneuver through the Universe without any trouble. The forms allowed are pretty lenient, but some forms are not allowed because they just go against the nature of being a Starmaninjian. It kind of depends on the evaluation and the reason for the form or set up. like you can't be TOO out of place in terms of look or else it just won't work.

      To become an official Starmaninjian, you'd need to talk to Kiara or Siberia. They can establish you as an official Starmaninjian (or Kao can relay the message). As an official Starmaninjian, you'll have a permanent place among the universe and will be able to regularly mingle with the other Starmaninjians. The process is extremely quick and easy, and again, Soula is there to ensure that malicious people will not be able to populate the Universe. You can even apply to become a Goddess if you want, but you'll have to tell them what kind of deity you want to be, and they'd have to verify that your intentions are all good. As a deity, you can create your own Starmaninjian species (like the Zenokoyas and the Rizus were created by Zena and Soula respectively), but certain features will have to remain for it to be classified as a Starmaninjian.

      From there, you're free to go and do whatever you wish. Starmaninja City is the central most city and hub area, so from there, you can find people who will direct you to wherever you want to go. It's unlikely a visitor will end up on Botanorest, Cavertain, or Ocealand (or Starilght Nebula) until they become better aquainted.

      5. They tend to intervene randomly, but usually disguised as regular Starmaninjians. If you see beings like Baiyo or Emerald, etc, occasionally they're being possessed by the Goddesses to enjoy a little life on the actual planet. Sometimes they'll descend to the planet as themselves directly. Despite being Goddesses, they kind of wanted to make the universe a fun place for them and thier creations (hence designing the Starmaninjians as they are), so it's kind of like very elaborate roleplaying that you yourself can actually physically take part in. Kiara, in the case you mentioned, is the only goddess who enters the realm for a serious reason, and that's training her father's body. While Siberia occasionally appears to check up on Kiara's progress, Siberia's mostly monitoring the universe and making sure the events all fall into place properly. Essentially pulling the strings for the whole adventure. Sylvia and Kao end up living in the Universe directly instead of in the Goddess dimension, just as Wolfen and the other direct descendants do.

      6. The Generic Shadows:

      No, the Generic Shadows, like most RPGs only attack when a Starmaninjian enters a specific area. The only time they attack a civilized area is when it's part of a person's story or the area is dedicated to being a battle map (like Stealthinja Temple). As long as you don't wish to fight them, the Generic Shadows will never attack you, but if you're going on an RPG like adventure of any kind, the Generic Shadows will attack and you must use survival instincts to avoid damage, or fight them off.

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    • 1. So Resistus was forced into an alternate world. He is taken down by Kao and was shot by intrusion.

      After he was shot by Intrusion, did he ever return to Starmaninja? How did Intrusion find Resistus? How did The two Kao come to the point where they faced Resistus? How did the two of them end up in the alternate dimension in the first place? What were they looking for in that place, or were they sent there by someone else or by some mishap?

      During Intrusion's lingering in the universe, has he been affecting or interacting with anything in it in any way? How did he "fall in the sun"?

      What was the story Wolfgang was planning to tell?

      2. Wolfen's mother was dead (this mother.. is Kiara, right? And the father is Kao?). Kiara also froze time to make arrangements. Was there a large gap between the time Kiara froze time and her death so as to let the ones who care for her break down? Or did they break down anyway even after she delivered the news to them?

      In what way did the Starmaninjians break down?

      3. Why did Kiara have wings and a reaper's scythe in the picture?

      4. A meteor broke off Cavertain, impacted Botanorest and landed on Planet Starmaninja. So.. how did that happen? Is Cavertain a planet in itself? So the meteor would be this large chunk of rock Dialacia did not account for, if she was the goddess at the time?

      And then it flew out and.. impacted Botanorest, but landed in another? What do you mean by impact here? Is Botanorest the same planet as planet Starmaninja? Is Botanorest an astral body so small that the meteor could just smash through it and then still manage to travel to Planet Starmaninja? Did the meteor hit Botanorest, causing another huge chunk to fall out of Botanorest which hits Starmaninja?

      How did Rhazia get stuck in a meteor? Is it a sticky meteor or did she do something to get herself stuck on it? Did she fly into it so hard that she burst straight into the core of the meteor, which caved in, blocking escape?

      Why were the Rizus not Starmaninjians? What did you mean by last leg of their life? So they couldn't be revived at the time? Why couldn't Amoura and Rhazia be counted as Starmaninjians even after 8000 years, even if they're external souls?

      How did it manage to threaten the lives of those in Botanorest so badly but not Planet Starmaninja? Or did it cause as much damage to Starmaninja, besides the volcano?

      How did the meteor threaten Botanorest? Did it burn everything to the ground? Did it cause a smoke cloud to cover the sky, preventing crops from growing? Was there some sort of disease on the meteor that caused a deadly epidemic?

      5. Are there Starmaninjians that interact with Generic Shadows in non hostile manners, besides Dlareg? Non hostile meaning they don't fight, or run away from shadows. Like shadow scholars, or shadow artists, or Starmaninjians who basically like shadows and specialise on them in one way or another? Are shadows purely used to fight against Starmaninjians?

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    • 1. Resistus's Demise

      Resistus was killed because no matter how much they tried to convince him to "See the error of his ways" they saw he was just a selfish and wicked man. He kept complaining about the Universe and showed to have no regrets for killing Wolfgang or his father and took pleasure in killing the wolves and burning the village. He did that because he wanted to spite the Wolf like beings he was staring at, but it was when he saw Intrusion siding with them that he started to become afraid. Intrusion threatened, "You haven't changed a bit...the Starmaninjians were right, some people are just here to see the world burn and laugh because they didn't get thier way." Which leads to Resistus pleading for mercy, but at that point, the Starmaninjians have seen enough, and Intrusion offers to sacrifice himself to kill Resistus and banish him from the Universe one and for all.

      Resistus never returns to the Starmaninjian world, but a mock clone of him appears in spin offs for the sake of letting people play as the villain. The clone doesn't have any memories of living on Earth at all and acts like the modern Eggman. But he just serves as a villain who has no power, but still works as a fun antagnoizing force for the Starmaninjians to challenge.

      Resistus was specifically dragged to the Starmaninjian universe by Kiara to teach him a lesson. She timed it so that when he fell asleep, she would have a good amount of time to punish him. Much to the whole family's surprise, even Siberia was in on this, as an alternate ending involves her killing Resistus and taking just as much pleasure in doing so as he did killing Kiara (though the ending is non canon).

      Wolfgang's story is actually played out in the "Legend of Starky" Series, which involves a Dragon who dreams of going to space and exploring the planets. You actually get to experience Wolfgang's whole story as you play that series, despite it's strong tie with the Intruders (who Wolfgang decided to write in as the main villains, it used to be evil robots called Meniacs).

      2. Kiara's Second Death

      Actually, the Starmaninjians (well a few of them, the ones on Wolfen's team and her family) saw the death happen right in front of them. They got sad when they saw their creators start to cry and say things like "No, please don't die again. I can't lose you again." and Kiara saying "Don't worry, a Starmaninjian never dies!...but I'm not a Starmaninjian as you know...hehe. I'm their creator." and she fades away, with her final word being "Wolfen...?" as he screams "MOM!!!!". She froze time to enter the portal where the final game in the Kao the Ninja Kid series takes place (the end of the Starninja Saga) so that when she returned, it would only be about a minute since she faded away, so they wouldn't have grieved for too long (in the Underworld, it took a few days for her to complete her mission, Which was to destroy the evil that plagued Intrusion and bring him back to life on Earth as because he committed suicide, he was haunted by the Grim Reaper of Earth and the Starmaninjians were trying to save his soul by giving him one more chance since he apologized.

      So by the time she came back, she could explain everything with everyone right there (the ones who saw, most of the other Starmaninjians either didn't know, or they knew it was going to happen eventually and just kept quiet). The Starmaninjians broke down roughly the same way people do when a family member dies. Everyone just cried and sat in a small circle. They erected a grave for Kia Stealthinja near Sylvia's home in the Polar Tundra as a memento.

      3. Kiara's wings

      Mostly for looks. She made the wings cause she thought it would look really cool. It doesn't affect her much since she can fly anyway. The scythe ended up being a favorite weapon among the Ratzu family because of all the death they endeavored. Plus they think it looks cool. Sylvia and Kiara regularly use a scythe in the Galaxy Saga as their weapon of choice, but Kiara uses her scythe like a giant fan, rather than as a melee weapon.

      4. The Starmaninjian Meteor

      4a. Cavertain is a giant rock planet, similar to Mars but about the same size as the other 4 planets (maybe a bit smaller, but it spins faster and most of the crust is pretty hollow, hence it's name, Caver-tain). The Giant Meteor broke off of Cavertain by a powerful quake that spawned about year 8000 (for reference, Young Kao and Starky were born in the year 10000), It's unknown exactly how it broke off, some kind of impact from an idle asteroid. The initial impact and release formed a HUGE crater on one part of Cavertain.

      The meteor flew around in the opposite direction that the planets revolved (they're all in sync and each a cardinal direction from the sun). It hit the next planet in line, "Botanorest" the Botany planet (it's like Starninja but with much larger forests and a more Prehistoric look to it). It actually just glanced off of the planet though, only tapping the edge and taking a huge chunk with it, which formed a huge volcano in the middle of the Tricerian Continent there. The Botanians who were in the Jungle at the time were carried with the Meteor, but the Rizus, Rhazia and Amoura, were actually JUST on the edge. They hid inside the crust to stay safe from the traveling speed, but finally, the meteor landed on Planet Starninja a few months later and the impact was quite strong. Slow enough to not really cause too much damage, but the impact there caused 3 huge effects:

      1. Starninja now revolves in 2 directions, a normal spin and a perpendicular axel spin that takes a year.

      2. It brought Botanians and Cavertainians to planet Starninja.

      3. It gave Starninja a second moon and a HUGE Volcano on the Northwestern part of the Starninja Continent.

      WHen the Meteor impacted, most of the beings were flung out of it and a few of them remained on the rock, which bounced and floated around the planet aligned in orbit with it's spin. This is why in some areas, it will always appear as night time and you can always see the moon. Kao in Kao the Ninja Kid 1 actually visits this moon as the second stage where he meets Karatzu, the first hint to the whole cavertainian existence.

      The Goddesses did know about the Meteor, and protected the beings from dying, but they didn't account for Rhazia and Amoura sadly because they thought Soula made them immortal anyway. Soula had to explain that her children are still figuring out the "rules" of the Starmaninjian universe, but she fixed the problem via Mildra.

      4b. The Koya and the Rizu

      The best way to explain it is by this example: It's kind of like having two parents who were born and raised in Germany thier whole life, and then they move to Japan and have a child. The Child isn't Japanese despite being born in japan because all of his genetic code is German. That's why the Rizus and Koya descendants technically aren't Starmaninjians. As such, while they follow the general rules of the Starmaninjian universe, they were mostly under control of their mothers. Since Soula is the one who keeps Starmaninjians alive, she didn't really know what to do about her own daughters. it was after the daughters explained to her what they were trying to do, Soula got permission (that she already had, but out of respect) to revive her Daughters as Koyas in the Starninjian universe so no one would be confused. THe reason it took so long is because for most of the 8000 years, there were very few Starmaninjians to account for. Nothing really happened that would cause them to die and the descendants of Soula and Zena didn't come until around the year 8000, so it was never a problem that had to be addressed.

      4c. The Impact on Botanorest

      It only affected them because it hit a populated area and Tricera is HUGE. but the part of Starninja that was hit had no one living remotely close to the place. A curious Spineratzu named Bonnie (who's kind of "out there") moves to the volcano out of interest desptie everyone describing it as an unsurvivable wasteland. It does grow very healthy and abundant food though somehow.

      Actually, of all the Botanians, only the Tricerians and the Rhadozians really lost something big, but there weren't many of them at the time. Botanorest's story gets a lot of focus when the Galaxy Saga starts because it helps explain a lot of the story for the growth of the Starmaninjian universe and why many Starninjians were also from Botanorest.

      Because it just glanced the surface and hit a mountain anyway, it didn't impact the planet much. In the 2000 years, the forests grew back very quickly and luciously, but now there's a giant volcano sitting where a small mountain used to be. Starninja got it much worse as the impact was more direct and made a series of volcanoes that contstantly erupt and made the area surrounding a desert (it was already kind of a desert canyon, but the meteor made things worse.) It DID actually send some water to Diamond Desert though, turning the Town into an Oasis and brought a lot of fertilizer to Ruby Ranch, which supplies the entire northwestern half of the continent with food.

      5. Friendly or Foe?

      There are a few Starmaninjians who can work for Skull as a Generic Shadow Commander, but when they're not battling or antagonizing each other, the Generic Shadows can do things like play sports, etc. The Generic Shadows usually act as obstacles and most normal Starmaninjians won't side with them because they usually won't let them. It really depends on what Skull is doing as he has complete control over them.

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    • Oh boy, looks like the wikia doesn't respond well to nudity. Are you planning to continue work on the wikia, or are you just gonna continue somewhere else?

      What did Resistus complain about in the alternate dimension, mostly? Why was he afraid of intrusion but not the wolves? What did they do to try to make him see the error of his ways, and how did he simply not respond well to that? (Lol my first guess was that he turned him into a wolf, a wolf with a partner and children, who can talk to him. They would make him spend time with the wolves, who would apparently love him to bits despite his cruelty but would try to talk him through any wrongdoing he might do. Then if he becomes attached to them, they get killed by hunters simply because they were in his way.

      Though if the mayor is as evil as I think he is, he may kill them the moment he gets the chance to and laugh maniacally. Even if the day resets, supposedly until he stops killing them, but he seems to enjoy killing his "own kin" too much to change.)

      2. A question similar to the one about killing and torture, how much can a starmaninjian get away with? What was the worst thing a starmaninjian did that he/she got away with for the most part?

      For example, perhaps because of a short temper, or because his/her powers go out of control once in a while, or because of an unwarranted blood-lust, the individual regularly hurts and destroys the property of those around him or her. True, it might not be their intentions, but people are getting hurt, and property that may have taken a lot of effort, destroyed.

      For example, Vanilla had this razing feeling she couldn't control and would slash people around her, and also herself. And according to the description to one of your old pictures, she has also kidnapped, raped, tortured and generally struck fear into the hearts of inhabitants. Well, unless the lore for her has changed for her, of course. But then again, she is regularly confined in a safe place, solitary confinement according to the link, so there is that.


      And then there is Flora, who seems to have an uncontrollable explosive nature, and is pretty easy to anger. Are the people who get hurt by her usually those who deserve to get hurt in such a manner?

      What about a starmaninjian that accidentally burnt a forest down or destroyed an entire city due to a loss of control of powers or temper?

      3. What makes the safe spots Soula transports Starmaninjians really safe? Has an individual been killed in any of these safe spots before? Even if one had no bad intentions when he died, what if someone ticks him off real bad in the "safe spot" and he ends up hurting or killing that person?

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    • Yeah, that did startle me (and frankly annoy me), but at least Wikia has a reputation for banning such content. The quirky part is that the image the admin removed was a safe image, but she left the nude ones alone. I ended up removing those later so I wouldn't risk anything. Either way, I'll keep working on this wiki because it's a great way to organize data and I'll eventually convert these pages to my own website when I figure out how to sort data and links.

      1. Resistus's Resistance

      Well, actually, they retained thier human forms when taken to the starmaninjian universe (though Intrusion DID see his son as a Manan and thought he saw his son and wife as wolves). Intrusion however showed signs of regret when he killed Siberia, which gave Siberia the idea that he is a man who can "change" for the better.

      Resistus on the other hand was a wicked man to the end. He didn't spend much time in the Ninjamastarian universe and every bit he did, he was mostly afraid because everyone there wanted him dead. Because of his pride, he didn't want to "die" even though he was dreaming, he felt all the pain that was inflicted on him. What caused him to be afraid of Intrusion is that Intrusion is a man he knew on Earth, and when Intrusion said something like "YOu're still a wicked'll never change." because Resistus kept complaining that out of spite, because of this dream, he will wipe out every wolf he comes across to "Get revenge". It was really just, he was afraid that by seeing Intrusion, Intrusion would tell the Earthlings more about what kind of man he is. It turns out by coincedence, he did end up getting the Mayor a triple life sentence because they blamed him for Intrusion's suicide as well. Just the showing that Karma will eventually get the best of a wicked soul. The Mayor never gets a good ending. Kiara wanted to give him a second chance, but the things he said when he saw her face were just so deplorable, even Siberia wanted him gone for good. It's kind of the equivalent of an angry guy on the internet insulting someone and then getting more and more personal every time just to break them down, prompting Kiara to say something like, "Sticks and Stones won't touch my bones, but names will end your soul!" among one of the final things said before Kao was assumed to take him down (Kao did get some punches in though, Resistus was on the ground in blood when he started spouting out the rude names).

      2. Uncontrollable Starmaninjians

      That's actually a good question, but the ability for Starmaninjians to kind of act on impulse makes the universe a bit more realistic. As such, Starmaninjians are designed with more defensive properties than offensive properties usually. Like Every Starmaninjian has a weakness that allows them to be subdued if necessary. Because the Starmaninjians are univerally "good" in terms of the way the goddesses see them, it's easy enough for them to resist any kind of impulsive attack (or in half they cases, embrace it in a fetishy style, like Kao often gets some level of torture by Baiyo, but he enjoys that kind of stuff). As for the environment, it's possible for Starmaninjians to cause quite some damage, but thanks to the Goddesses, the environmental damage can be fixed very quickly. A great example is Domeratzu City, which gets bombed by the Intruders. While it's only a small section of the full city, it really damages the city a lot and thankfully, all the inhabitants of the area were evacuated before the bombing happened. They managed to subdue the flames and fix up the city enough, but kept huge parts of it dilapidated because it made for an interesting "Action stage" (Yes, they kind of see the world as one giant videogame world because it kind of is. Floating coins and Generic Shadows do exist in certain areas).

      All in all, while it sounds like the Starmaninjians are capable of great destruction, there's a part of them that prevents them from doing something completely irrepairable. Flora can unleash a ton of power, and Vanilla does do some hardcore stuff (actualy, several Starmaninjians can get carried away), but if there was a Starmaninjian who absolutely didn't want to be under such pressure or conflict, they oppressive one would realize it and cease his or her action. After all, thanks to Zena and the psychic connection they have between each other, the Starmaninjians know what's acceptable to do and what's not, even if by Earth Standards, their actions may be seen as too extreme.

      3. Safe spots

      Usually the Starmaninjian's home, or some kind of inn is where they're placed. There are designated spots called "Battle Zones" and "Safe zones" where the Goddesses have areas strictly marked. In a Battle Zone, you can engage anyone in battle and your health follows battle rules (HP and all), but in Safe Zones, the Starmaninjians are practically invincible because they use thier natural bodies, which makes them too powerful to take down in safe areas. While petty brawls may happen in safe areas on occasion, they are usually either initiated by two who want to spar, or it's just a slappy fight that never gets worse than a couple of pats on the back (by comparison). As for Soula's position picking. She scouts the Planet for a safe spot to place the revived Starmaninjian and places them there. It's unlikely that a Starmaninjian will die immediately after, but like in a video game, if a Starmaninjian kept falling into a bottomless pit or something silly like that, they may have to be "re-revived" a few times. XD

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    • If a human turns into a Starmaninjian, what are some physiological/mental changes he might note, besides appearance? (For example, he can sense the intentions of others through a psychic connection).

      How easy or difficult is it to harness the elements? Is it possible to harness these elements without mastering them, like through scrolls, enchanted items or technological substitutes, and to what extent? Does flying for Dranans or Tazyas require some mastery of the air element?

      For a starmaninjian with no particular affinity to any element,how long would it take to.. - Fire fire/electric/venom/air/rock bullets the size of a.. bullet, ping-pong ball, volley-ball and a wrecking ball at various speeds?(charged for a few seconds before fired, fired with a frequency of a pistol, rapid fire, and maybe in multiple directions at once)

      - Breathe fire (think of a standard flamethrower, then of something that would turn a man sized boulder to dust immediately, then something that would turn a city to dust immediately.)

      - Emit electrical zaps (through direct contact, through an arm's reach, within visual range, the whole area). Intensity: A mild static, a painful jolt, fatal for the average person, can power a city, laser beams that decimates rocks to nothing, city crushers.)

      - Immerse self with extremes of the element without harm, or gaining elemental strength (charging fire power by standing in fire, jumping into a volcano/.. standing in a blizzard with no clothes or fur, immersing self in the coldness of space, flying straight into a thunder cloud, tangling self into live power lines that power a city, poisonous things of various potency)

      - Create a tornado. Or a flaming tornado. Or a flaming tornado with thunderstorms and sharp shards flying everywhere like a blender. Though the latter few will need multi elemental mastery.

      - Mind/Memetic powers: To hide one's intentions from other Starmaninjians. To subtletly suggest another starmaninjian to do something that isn't unusual for them to do, but wouldn't be done at that context unless memetic power is used. To make a starmaninjian do something they would otherwise never be willing to do. To make a starmaninjian think they are something they are not (a blue female Ratzu is tricked into thinking she is a red male dranan, even if she is in front of a mirror). To make Starmaninjians feel certain emotions without any noticeable interaction(happy on a bad day, sad for no reason, tense and fearful out of the blue). To turn oneself completely invisible and unnoticeable.

      - To shapeshift. In terms of visual appearance only, like an illusion, or an illusion that is convincing to most or all senses. Or in terms of controlling the resources around you to form a larger exoskeleton. Or a full shapeshift where your physical body is fully transformed into something else, or even many things.

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    • 1. Becoming a Starmaninjian

      The Transformation is actually pretty painless and natural. Because the human will no longer be in their original body, they're going to "forget" about what it felt like to be a human and suddenly know what it feels like to be a Starmaninjian. You may still have your memories and personality that identifies who you are, but depending on what level of Starmaninjian you want to be, there are various tests and evaluations that Siberia and Kiara put the person through to see if they would be a regular Starmaninjian or would qualify for  being a "Starmaninjian Goddess".

      2. Mastering the Elements

      This is actually going to be a HUGE part of the website and is kind of one of the biggest goals, but I'll focus on how they naturallly learn them for now.

      To start, you have a choice of any element you can learn and you can potentially learn them all, but because of the way learning an element works, the more elements you try to master at once, the longer it'll take to actually "Master" each element. Mathematically, it uses a system like the "Skill point system". Basically you train by using an element and as you "Level up" you can invest the skill point into a particular element. Some elements require more points than others to start leveling up though. Every time you get a skill point, you must use more magic to get enough EXP to get more skill points. So it gets exponential.

      Now, the best way to start learning an element is to simply talk to a Starmaninjian who already knows the element, or find an area that exposes you to the element, or simply make one up. If you feel there's some kind of energy that you want to bee able to manipulate as a unique element, Rainbow Manan, the Goddess of the Elements can make that element real for you. Finding the Elemental Masters is the best way to really learn an element since the Elemental Masters can control every aspect of an element and even show you how to overcome the element's weakness (e.g. using Fire so extreme, it evaporates the water before it even reaches, or having grass so moist, it suppresses the fire that could burn it).

      If you have no elemental affinity, you default to Physical since that's something that anyone could do. Some Starmaninjians use science and weapons for battle (like Gene Scinamal), rather than using thier body.

      As for time it takes to learn/master an element.

      It doesnt' take much time to learn an element. You can learn to summon a finger sized rock, or breathe an ember of fire very easily and within minutes after your birth actually. You must keep training your particular element to get to the point where you can literally summon flames that engulf an entire mountain or a blizzard that turns a desert to a tundra, and Mastering an element can take upwards of 300 or so years if you train every second. typically 500 years though, which is why most of the elemental Masters are 2000 years old. That's assuming you only focus on one element. If you want to focus on a second one, it actually takes more than twice as long. So now that you mastered one element it takes about 800 more years to master a second element, and then like 1100 years, and so on and so forth...and those are assuming the easy ones. Exotica Plasmenergy, the Master of Plasma, took over 5000 years to master Plasma, which is tied with Cosmic for the hardest Element to master in the Universe (because it literally deals with manipulating energy in it's purest form, just as Cosmic controls matter and time). There is no elemental Master of Cosmic yet even, Dragon Starkyd is good at it, but he's a special case, and Starlight/Darkstar are goddesses and therefore are exempt from the rule. It will take many years to master Cosmic.

      The high year numbers sound VERY daunting, but it is something you just keep working towards. Starmaninjian live forever, so there's plenty of time to grow and find new ways to develop. ANd plus the long time it takes to master an element gives you time to figure out your own niche for each element. This is the way the Starmaninjians do it. In the virtual simulation, it'll take FAR less time. To compare, it takes about a million years to master EVERY Starmaninjian element, but in the game, it'll take about 2 or 3 years of playing every day because it's greatly simplified. Giving birth to a child, due to the way reincarnation works, and mating with people who know other elements will speed up the process though. Which is why Starmaninjians tend to encourage a lot of mating.

      To learn signature moves, just befriend certain Starmaninjians and they'll teach you some of their moves. Most moves you can come up with yourself though. Just use your brain to picture what kind of move you want to summon, then use your body to channel that energy so you generate the type of move you want. The Power and intensity of the move is based heavily on how good you are at the element though.

      And yes, certain species can naturally do certain things easier than others. Tazyas and Aerodranans can fly wthout having to learn Wind (they kind of learn it by default though) and if you're born and raised in a certain environment, you'll find said elements easier to learn, like being born near water makes water an easier element to practice and learn. Some of the harder elements like Psychic and such have to be learned manually though.

      Psychic is an interesting element, but doesn't entirely have to do with mind control. It mostly has to do with manipulating things around the area with the mind and altering the perspective of anyone within a bubble. It is VERY difficult to learn and master though, as Psylence Psywave is one of the few Starmaninjians in the Universe who can actually do stuff like that, as well as Amoura (who learned it to help her disguise), and eventually Raisha, who learns it so she can make up for the fact that she's blind. Most Psychic Starmaninjians tend to be feral, since their hands are used for balance typically.

      and All Starmaninjians can shapeshift actually. Most keep their default forms, but in the basis of freedom, you can be anything you want to be within reason, which just makes things easier for visitors and even STarmaninjians who wish to explore certain areas without their otherwise natural bodies getting in the way (e.g. shrinking their bodies down to manuver easier, or developing a voluptuous appearance for attractiveness.)

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    • How do predatory Starmaninjians eat other individuals if their skin is usually too tough to tear? Do they just swallow them whole, or suck them up from the inside out like the Chycillians?

      Do the bodies stay long enough in their mouths for them to even get a good taste before disappearing? Do the bodies even make it to the stomach before disappearing? Or is it a "time of death" sort of thing where the individual only disappears to be revived once he or she is "dead"? Does that mean he or she will still suffer from being suffocated or crushed or burnt by stomach acid, even if the individual may not remember the pain after he or she is revived?

      How does the predatory Starmaninja get sustenance or taste out of this meal if the prey simply disappears?

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    • Ah, Starmaninjians never actaully eat each other (their mouths are too small anyway). They actually eat food that comes strictly from plants, but the plants can grow meat as well (they also can eat food that comes from their own expendable productions.).

      In theory, IF a STarmaninjian were to eat another, they would be able to eat and fully digest the body like it was normal food. The soul would be still put into a new body though. It's only if the body dies in an area where it wouldn't be able to decompose quickly or be reused as a different form of energy.

      The "Time" that death happens is mostly the split second the soul realizes that the body can no longer function or is otherwise trapped. So the last thing you'd remember is...say...a large boulder falling down towards you, or you falling into a pool of lava or passing out in the middle of a desert without food or water, but the next thing you'd know, you'd wake up in some safe spot like it was all a dream and your death would feel like a dream. They wouldn't remember the pain they felt before they died, but only what happened to cause them to die. They would only remember the pain if they were killed out of punishment BY Soula or one of the goddesses, which in that case, the soul is screwed cause they won't be revived immediately, they will be tortured in the underworld until they learn their lesson.

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