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    I apologize to leave this message.

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  • A fan-drawing/fan-character.

    This Koya is Bartido. He considers himself an artist. However, in many cases, his own body is his canvas, thus those around him often notice him in many different shades and colours than before. In some cases, others may not recognise him!

    He doesn't just recolour his fur, but may also redesign every part of his body feasible, including his head hair, his ears, his nails, and his tail. (If it is possible to style forehead hairs). His tail may be curved in one moment, tied to a bun in another or shaved for a sleeker look.

    He also use external items in his designs such as twigs, leaves, gems and all that stuff, especially if he wants a more extravagant look. He has dressed up as a Tazya occasionally, also maybe Dranans and Manans. His designs are getting more and more convincing as he practices, so that he may be able to disguise himself as other species in the future.

    He has started painting himself since a very young age, so only his parents or those who have seen him in his infancy knows what he originally looks like.

    He pays most of his attention to himself and the environment around him that may spur his creativity or give him artistic inspiration. Thus he rarely seems interested in sexual matters, even if approached by Succubi. Unless...

    He is still a nice Starmaninjian for the most part that respects viewpoints and opinions of others, so he may dress himself up in more secluded places if he feels that others may not like it. Some may even consider him a gentleman when he's not busy with himself.

    Bartido Mundo

    Bartido Mundo

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    • Hehe! Well I've never really been fond of the whole SCP stuff (mostly cause I don't know much about it and Creepy pasta really never interested me much because it seems to focus too much on being negative for the sake of being negative, whereas the Starmaninjian universe is a positive universe that's mostly stress free).

      BUT that being said, the ideas that you've come up with here are a great first step. See, the Starmaninjian universe didn't come from me thinking too hard about it, but actually a collaboration of all sorts of inspirations I got from the past all put in one. As it developed, ti started to really become it's own thing and I could put my own likes and dislikes in there without it having to follow any pre-made rules.

      It'd take a bit of time to explain every aspect of the universe, what's allowed and what's not. But in the mean time, discussing these ideas is a great way to keep the creative process flowing for sure.

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    • Ahaha, alright then. Well, this next one's pretty much more stuff about the previous two entities I've typed down before. Thought of more stuff overnight.

      Edit: Smack that, this entry's exclusively about the pot. I typed too much and now I'm just tired LOL. Feel free to share what you think of it, and how it may affect the starmaninjian universe, given it's nature.

      Monster Pot I did mention once that the overseer of this particular universe would remove the pot if the individual doesn't want it in a genuine manner, what with the environmental impact the pot may potentially pose, it may not be so easy. For example, if the individual truly didn't want anything to do with the pot, he may simply run far far away from it, or throw it in a place the monsters will never reach him or her.

      As long as the individual related to the pot has the means and/or capability to dispose of the pot, the deity would usually choose not to take it personally. If the individual dislikes the pot, but chose not to take the effort to dispose of or get away from it, even if he or she has the option and capability to, the pot will remain.

      It's only if the situation were dire enough where the pot would do enough damage with absolutely no good points, or if an individual was irreversibly stuck in difficulty with no way of getting out (considering there is reincarnation, this possibility is pretty slim), the pot will stay.

      Basically, it's not as simple as "Oh a monster generator so cool it will just disappear if I don't want it anymore anyway". For the most part, the individual who has decided to use the pot, is responsible for the pot.

      Also, the pot has a lid. Initially, the pot will be shut tight by the lid, and only when the lid is removed do monsters start coming out. The lid cannot be removed if the individual does not know what the pot is. There will always be instructions nearby though, so it really isn't that hard to be aware of what it is.

      The pot cannot be destroyed by any means, mostly. Unless an omnipotent being is involved, like a goddess. Otherwise, it is meant to be indestructible.

      It cannot be closed by any means other than the lid that has been designated to it. Trying to plug the pot any other way will end with the blockage being burst open from the inside, and stream of monsters will sort of burst out as if they were water bursting out of a full bottle that has been squeezed.

      The individual who is directly interacting with the pot (even from a long distance) will always be aware of the lid's location.

      If the individual leaves the lid on the pot for extended periods of time (weeks, months), after initially choosing to open the lid in the first place, whispers will start to hound the individual, begging him to remove the lid, usually through words like "It's so dark in here." or "Free us, please." It will be mild at first, but will slowly get worse. The individual will not be disturbed as long as the lid is off the pot.

      One pot is limited per planet. They cannot be moved to other planets. Attempting to teleport them won't work, they will stay in their current position regardless. If they were to be physically moved to a different planet, the creatures will bring it back to the original planet if possible. Otherwise, it will simply teleport back to its last position in the planet.

      It is however possible to leave a pot in space, but it will never enter the atmosphere of a planet that already has another pot. Creatures of separate pots were designed to never meet.

      Tight rules like this are implemented due to how potentially destructive the pot may be if placed in malicious hands with the power to make it destructive. The deity would also rather prefer to avoid having to personally remove the pots.

      That being said.

      Thinking about it, the pot could potentially be used as a weapon against others, especially if the user is someone who is able to move the pot from a distance away (telekinesis/elemental powers).

      I mean, just tip the pot upside down and a flood of little creatures will attack anything around them, and since you're far away, you're safe from danger. Let's not forget that the creatures are have more than half your battle capabilities.. each. They would be useful for clearing out hordes of weaker foes.

      Blegh, now that I think about it, this tool is pretty broken. Especially if the user is already powerful in his or herself.

      Perhaps the creatures should only inherit around 20% of the user's power each. Maybe the strength they inherit should depend on the number of them roaming outside the pot. If they are flooding out of an upside down pot, meaning there would be dozens or even hundreds of them, they may inherit 1-5% of the user's overall battle capabilities each.

      Another thing is the creatures in the pot. They have a hive mind. They are all controlled by the pot, or something in it. In a way, they're like drones. So, killing them is like cutting a lock of hair. It doesn't hurt, they don't suffer.

      On another note, disposing the pot. Let's say the pot has been abandoned or placed somewhere with no contact with other individuals whatsoever. Nobody to attack. In a situation like this, a colony may form. If the lid has been disposed with the pot, but the pot is left open, the creatures will attempt to hide the lid the best they can. Because the pot doesn't actually like being sealed shut.

      In an open area, the creatures will spread out and travel as long as their 24 hour lifespan would allow them too. Eventually, there will be a standard pattern to their behaviour, mostly spreading out and monitoring the territory, though for the most part they seem to be wandering aimlessly.

      If the owner has truly abandoned the pot, the creatures battle capabilities will be adjusted to match their surroundings, not the previous owner.

      Of course, they will always be adapted to whatever surrounds the pot, so it will rarely be a situation where they die as soon as they come out of the pot. For example, if the pot is spinning around in a tornado filled with lightning bolts, the creatures will adapt in the way that they will be able to navigate easily within the tornado and receive minimal damage from thunder strikes.

      I mean, a place full of storming tornadoes that is also filled with little creatures that most certainly want to kill you. And if they were flaming tornadoes? Heheheheheheheh...

      However, let's say the pot is locked in an enclosed area. One would have to ensure that either the area is big enough to house everything that comes out of the pot, or that the area's conditions and the pots position is set up in a way that very few creatures would appear at a time.

      If an enclosed area were to be too saturated with creatures (they are practically squished against each other and the walls and cannot move whatsoever), the containment area WILL be breached. It will usually burst. So keep that in mind.

      And the topic of if the pot were to be abandoned in a place near enough to someone's home or some sort of village. The creatures will most definitely attack that place as soon as they reach it. Depending on the nature of the place, they may swarm on it, or attack occasionally in small numbers. (Farms or peaceful settlements get fewer attacks)

      If the ones being attacked wish for the attacks to stop, they will be made aware of the pots location, and may start a quest to retrieve it, plug it and move it, or ask someone else to do it. It won't be easy though, as there will probably be a relatively large swarm of creatures around the pot by the time they even know of this. And they will probably try to make the retrieval of the lid as difficult as they can manage.

      The difficulty of this quest may be decreased if the victim is truly incapable of battle and cannot contact anyone else to help.

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  • Looks like the Wikia's going well XD

    Question: When naming the species, where'd the names (Ratsu, Koya, Rizu, Tazya) come from?

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    • How do predatory Starmaninjians eat other individuals if their skin is usually too tough to tear? Do they just swallow them whole, or suck them up from the inside out like the Chycillians?

      Do the bodies stay long enough in their mouths for them to even get a good taste before disappearing? Do the bodies even make it to the stomach before disappearing? Or is it a "time of death" sort of thing where the individual only disappears to be revived once he or she is "dead"? Does that mean he or she will still suffer from being suffocated or crushed or burnt by stomach acid, even if the individual may not remember the pain after he or she is revived?

      How does the predatory Starmaninja get sustenance or taste out of this meal if the prey simply disappears?

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    • Ah, Starmaninjians never actaully eat each other (their mouths are too small anyway). They actually eat food that comes strictly from plants, but the plants can grow meat as well (they also can eat food that comes from their own expendable productions.).

      In theory, IF a STarmaninjian were to eat another, they would be able to eat and fully digest the body like it was normal food. The soul would be still put into a new body though. It's only if the body dies in an area where it wouldn't be able to decompose quickly or be reused as a different form of energy.

      The "Time" that death happens is mostly the split second the soul realizes that the body can no longer function or is otherwise trapped. So the last thing you'd remember is...say...a large boulder falling down towards you, or you falling into a pool of lava or passing out in the middle of a desert without food or water, but the next thing you'd know, you'd wake up in some safe spot like it was all a dream and your death would feel like a dream. They wouldn't remember the pain they felt before they died, but only what happened to cause them to die. They would only remember the pain if they were killed out of punishment BY Soula or one of the goddesses, which in that case, the soul is screwed cause they won't be revived immediately, they will be tortured in the underworld until they learn their lesson.

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  • How may I assist you here, madame?

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    • Hehe! Well right now I'm just importing a ton of templates that Collagen has made and trying to edit them to a format I can use. I can kind of figure them out, but she references a lot of other templates, so I have to kind of reverse engineer them. Once I get the templates done, I can start forming each character page and putting in the art and information.

      I'll need about a day to figure it all out and put it all together, but in the mean time, any kind of ideas or general discussion will really help a lot with at least motivation!

      Once I get all the stuff together, I can probably start converting it to my actual website (which I'm using as a rough guide).

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  • Hello, We're excited to have Starmaninja Wiki as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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