These are the major Starmaninjian species.


Spirit Ratzu avatar
The Ratzu species are based on Canines. They tend to have balanced attributes in physical and magic capabilities. Because of their body form, Ratzus can adapt to any kind of environment, but due to having a balanced nature, they prefer rather even and modest looking terrain with temperate to cold temperatures.

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Zena Koya avatar
The Koya species are based on Felines. They tend to be very agile when it comes to movement and speed and are very flexible, but as a result, they tend to be defensively subpar. Their claws are usually very sharp and long, which allows them to climb and grip walls and trees easily. Koyas are typically thinner and prefer more close knot landscapes like jungles or cities, where they can take advantage of thier flexibility and agility, but they usually prefer slightly dry areas.

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Soula Rizu Avatar
The Rizu species are based on Rodents. They are usually somewhat agile and defensive, having thicker bodies and shorter legs to allow them to manuver through small terrain easier and protect themselves in dangerous situations by curling up. While not as strong, they can use their speed and manuverability to get the best of any opponent that comes their way. They are also very protective. Rizus prefer more urban environments or thick forests typically and tend to like warmer or darker places.

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Botani Tsuni Avatar
The Tsuni species are based on various mammal based species that don't fit the above descriptions. Tsuni roughly translates to "Feral" and most of the Tsuni species tend to have more feral like qualities. They have extremely good natural instincts and reflexes, but tend to have limited communication capabilities, making their intellect seem less civilized, and more feral. Despite this, they are extremely intelligent and while they have a strong preference for nature, they can adapt to almost any natural setting without trouble. They dislike highly urban areas though.

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Drane Dragon Avatar
The Dranan species are based on Reptiles. They all have rougher skin and generally, the only fur on their bodies is on their head. Unlike Reptiles, they don't have scales, but they can condense their skin to feel like scales if necessary for defense or appearance. They can have wings and tend to have very large, broad claws. Dranans have high offense and defense, but tend to be quite slow and have limited agility. They are very adaptive when it comes to environments, but usually prefer the environment that their bodies are best suited for.

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File:Admiral Amphian Avatar.png
The Amphian species are based on Fish and Amphibians, but tend to look like watery reptiles. They have very slick bodies and extremely smooth skin and very little hair. Instead, they have fins on their head and occasionally for arms as well. Their bodies are designed to allow them to maneuver through water very quickly and fluidly, though they can usually live on land as well. Their claws actually are extensions of their skin, but the skin is very thin, revealing an ultra shiny hue of the claws. This makes swimming more fluid as the water couldn't slide between their claws and their toes. They prefer oceans or lakes, but will be very rare in dryer areas.

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Celestia Tazya Avatar
The Tazya species are based on Avians. They are covered in feathers except for their legs, beak, eyes, and genitals. They have wings instead of arms and generally are very large. Due to their massive size, they usually only live in the largest trees, but typically live high in mountains or in the skies where the clouds are thick enough to stand on. They have very hollow bones in their torso, which allows them to fly, but it makes their defenses rather low. Most Tazyas compensate by using their powerful feet to crush anything that may threaten them and the feathers of their wings to cushion any blow. They also have visible ears unlike real birds, but the feathery ears are there to soften the impact of the winds they endure high up in the skies while still allowing to pinpoint sound.

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File:Rainbow Manan Avatar.png
The Manans are based roughly on Primapes. Due to preference, the Manan species tend to have a very redesigned look to fit with the Starmaninjian universe. They do not have visible ears and tend to be very simplistic in terms of features, including sexuality (no visible genitals). This is because the Manan body is designed to be a base for free design, rather than as a final result. Manans are the most populous species in the Universe because of their simple, yet varied design, and Manans can transform into any species they want as a default. Manans often prefer urban areas as they aren't designed to survive in more wild areas easily. Manans are unmatchable in magic, but are inferior in all physical traits to any animalistic Starmaninjian. Manans are also more technically intelligent.

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