Botani Tsuni
Botani Tsuni
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Creator/Deity
Species: Tsuni
Homeland: Botani Forest, Goddess Dimension
Born: Year: 0
Elements: Grass/Poison/Health
Attribute:: Technique


Botani is the secret son of Kao and Sylvia, conceived before the wolves died on Earth, but born after Sylvia reached Starmaninja. Because Sylvia entered Starmaninja without initially realizing it as her daughters' realm, she rose Botani with an extra sense of protection to make sure that in the event the creatures of this universe were hostile, they could never bring harm to him. As such, the planet he designed to live on was made with a strong sense of Nature being dominant. It was many years later that Botani would meet with what he thought was his long lost family and they would agree to come together to make Starmaninja an even more wonderful place, as three heads are better than one.


Botani is a dominant, yet gentle soul. He treats everyone as if he was their father and tends to rarely show signs of anger or depression, but bold confidence. He mostly takes his personality from what Sylvia told him about his father, who he was forced to assume passed away and was gone, but like Wolfgang before him, this encouraged him to be strong for himself and to try to revive the dynasty his father wasn't fortunate enough to follow through with. Meeting Kao 10,000 years later was enough to bring him to tears of joy however.


Botani is a God and has near limitless powers. Being a Creator, that gives him the power to create new beings as well. As a Starmaninjian Deity, he focuses his powers on making Nature a dominant force and controls the biological aspects of all life in the Universe. This is the reason Botanorest is also known as the Planet of Life, and why Soula makes it her first stop.


Mother: Sylvia Polaris

Father: Kao Ninjaratzu

Sister: Siberia Ratzu

Sister: Kiara Ratzu

Wife: Zena Koya

  • Daughter: Zenni Zenokoya
  • Daughter: Flower Natural
  • Son: Charmy Lucksclover